Silentlambs to be Interviewed by CBS Evening News

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  • Mulan

    I was just now watching the CBS evening news, and Dan Rather said "next week another relgious group has sexual abuse problems". Whoooohooo.

  • CC Ryder
    CC Ryder

    Thanks Blondie...This is GREAT news!!!...Tink and I will try and tape it.

    Undisfellowshipped..Thanks for posting that WT article. If the dubs can't see how the WTS is TELLING them what to believe instead of being honest and make some kind of effort to encourage their members that something will done to deal with molestors and to protect the children in the congregation, then I just don't know what to say except WAKE UP for God's sake!!


  • rocketman

    As Alan F mentioned, many jws are embarassed about some of their own beliefs. Personally, I was embarassed to offer the magaizines in service, and I noted otehr jws who barely bothered reading them and did not seem comfortbale offering them. I think beliefs like not celebrating even some of the most innocous holidays makes many jws feel awkward. Many jws have to be told again and agian to speak to their doctors about their stand on blood because many are embarassed about that teaching as well.

  • wednesday

    i was always embarrassed about most holidays, with possible exception of xmas. Here in north texas there are some religions they don't believe it is jesus birthday and celebration is optional.But all the rest-what in the hail is wrong with mothers day? they just went out of their way to find something wrong with everything.

    I was also emabarrassed to say I believed we would live forever on earth. I was embarrassed in the end to do the FS, it was so stupid to just be peddling mags.I was also ashamed to have anything to do with DF and shunning. so i would not do it at the end.But be careful, some DF persons will report u for talking to them, thinking they are doing the right thing.


  • UnDisfellowshipped

    Update from Bill Bowen on the CBS News Story:

    The interview went great and all pieces of the story are put together.
    We recieved an email from the producer that stated the story was being
    postponed till later in the week possibly Tuesday of Wednesday. The
    powers that be thought the content to heavy for the Monday broadcast and
    wanted something lighter.

    In network television nothing is ever absolute and we have to be
    thankful for what we can get. So plan on the story running later as soon as
    we have a definite we will send it out on the newsletter.


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