Silentlambs to be Interviewed by CBS Evening News

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  • blondie
    I might suggest to all on the newsletter that you watch CBS news over the
    weekend and especially pay attention to the announcements. Also watch the end of
    "60 minutes" as there may be a special announcement there also.

    Monday is when a news segment will air on CBS.

    And Watchtower thought this was going to blow over...



    Thursday, April 24


    William H. Bowen: KY 270-527-5350, cell 270-703-2257
    Heidi Meyer: MN

    Sex Scandal in Jehovah’s Witnesses to Air on CBS EVENING NEWS

    Support Group Founder Interviewed Along with Abuse Survivors

    While sexual abuse by Catholic clergy has dominated national headlines,
    Jehovah’s Witnesses are being exposed for an international policy on child

    A Kentucky man who founded a support group ( for men and
    women victimized by Jehovah Witness leaders will be interviewed by Jane Clayson
    of CBS. Former Jehovah's Witness elder William H. Bowen has participated in ten
    documentaries worldwide since May of last year on the problems of sex abuse in
    the Jehovah’s Witness community. “We have increased abuse awareness for all
    children by presenting this material,” Bowen says, “It is sad Jehovah’s
    Witnesses continue to put their kids in danger.”

    Heidi Meyer, 22, of ST Paul MN along with Amber Long who both recently were
    interviewed on CNN/Connie Chung in August, have filed a lawsuit against their
    local congregation and the home office located in Brooklyn, NY for being
    silenced by elders when they came forward to report being molested by a fellow
    congregation member. “I was told I would be disfellowshipped if I told anyone.”
    Heidi says, “The Governing Body are hurting abuse survivors and refusing to
    change policy thus leaving children in danger.”

    The Australian program, “Sunday” aired an hour long documentary this fall that
    highlighted one case in which over 40 little boys were molested by a Jehovah’s
    Witness member. In November the Denmark program “Dags/Dato” featured a case in
    which a father murdered a baby that resulted from the rape of his 12 year old
    daughter. The Swedish Program Assignment/Investigate aired an hour long
    documentary two weeks ago in which a long time elder confessed to molesting
    multiple children but was not reported to police due to being forgiven.

    As the problem continues to be highlighted, Jehovah’s Witness key journal
    “Watchtower” 03/01/03, instructs members’ that “bad reports” by the media is
    spreading “published lies” and anyone that assists is working as “agents of

    Jehovah’s Witnesses have one million members in the USA and over six million

    Bowen, of Calvert City, is a lifelong Jehovah's Witness and a candle maker.

  • Pistoff

    Can't wait to see this; I hope all the congregation will watch to a MAJOR TRUSTED news channel.

    *sigh* it's those damned satanic apostates again, isn't it Ma?

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Wow! This is fantastic news. I will be definitely rolling tape (if I can remember) and see what happens. Wouldn't it be great if 60 Minutes did a segment on Silent Lambs?

  • wednesday

    yeah, u do not want to see the 60 minutes van pull up to your house. heeeee

  • Trauma_Hound

    I must be being shunned by Bill he hasn't returned e-mails, hasn't put me on the list, and still links to an old url off of my site, even though I told him it's broken.

  • waiting

    Thanks Blondie,

    This is great news - CBS is a "trusted news source" even if they are controlled by "Satanic Apostates".

    If any jw's read this, keep in mind the chaos that sometimes reigns on xjw forum boards.......we thus prove we aren't united in thought or action. Therefore............all these newspapers, tv news documentaries in many different countries, court cases (won & lost) - can't be controlled by evil satanic apostates. It is the truth - the WTBTS is a lying, corrupt corporation - hurting millions of followers.

    We apostates most likely will never unit on any issue. It's the gift of freedom.


  • DanTheMan

    I hope they show some quotes from the 3/1 WT during the segment.

  • TresHappy

    CBS (60 minutes specifically) did a story on a custody battle several years ago exposing the Watchtower to all its legalese (pardon spelling) and what non JW spouses go against when the family splits. I am looking forward to seeing the Silent Lambs segment!

  • rocketman

    Thank you blondie. This looks very interesting.

  • gumby

    Thanks Blondie,

    The problem with these shows is finding when they AIR in your own locality.I went to CBS, looked at upcoming shows and saw nothing. I live in Northern Calif......any idea of when it will be aired here?


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