Make room for it..................(NEW KINGDOM MINISTRY)

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  • Mystery

    Why does the borg constantly push people to spend more time in service? What's the payoff for them?

    When you are busy you don't have time for anything else.

    Slacking up on field service might give someone a chance to sit down in the morning, have a nice cup of coffee, watch the sun rise and let their mind wander. (Someone might actually began to think!)

    Slacking up on field service might give someone a chance to give their day to their kid, to take them to the park or to the mall or bowling.
    (Worldly people! You know the stuff that goes on at parks! bums and people hiding in the bushes having S-E-X; all those people at the mall and all the styles now - just looking at them would make you sin; and bowling they sell BEER!! there, all those drunk bowlers!)

    Slacking up on field service might let someone sleep in, have a day off, might become idle and just enjoy themselves.

    Slacking up on field service, oh no, would give someone a chance to surf - and what if they found US! those horrible Apostates!! (heaven forbid anyone finding this place that has one ounce of doubt and continues reading).

    OH my GAWD!!!! the world would come to an END!! (One of Loris sheep might decide that they aren't waiting in line any more)

    So for GODS SAKE keep going in field service.

    For GODS SAKE stay busy. If you slow down you might learn something.

    Hey! after a long time of staying busy (as a JW and the last half of my life running from ever being a JW); if finally slowed down; I found this site.

    JW's Slow Down? WTBTS would lose everything if JW's slowed down.

  • wannaexit


    You said: JW's slow down? WBTS would lose everything if jw's slowed down.

    This is so true. When I finally came off the wt merry-go-round and slowed down, that's when I began to study and think and realized what a load of #@## this organization fed me.


  • rocketman

    Well put Mystery.

    Their "encouragement" to put off love, marriage and all that other yummy stuff goes against the basic grain of nearly every single person out there. They ought to know by now that they can't postpone or stop this inevitable drive that humans have (evidently to their dismay).

    Oh and by the way, the people who do seem to "make room" - well, not to be insensitive, but most of them aren't exactly "dateable" to borrow an expression from Seinfeld.

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