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  • onacruse
    if not for you this life saving sight and letting these people be themselves, many of us would not be here to help others or ourselves

    Well said, well said indeed. Our sentiments exactly.

    Craig & Katie

  • be wise
    be wise

    I was out of the Borg for about 4 years before I discovered this site but it's only since facing the real issues that I've started getting things together on a bigger scale. I've got JWD to thank for this. There are all kinds of people here and I just can't leave, I wouldn't want too.

    I'm going to recommend it to my brother who's been DF'd for a while, as soon as he gets his computer. I think it would help him a lot cos he's been through the whole judicial thing where as I left through the back door so to speak.

  • Jayson

    Me too! me too Thank you Simon. And to all of you who take the time to post. Otherwise it would be lonely here.

  • nowisee

    well i have said it before, but i will say it again -- thank you simon and ang. if you need encouragement i hope you will come back to this thread and read and reread it. i keep wondering how this site is monitored all the time and how it is supported. do people contribute??

    and thanks to all of the posters - you are inspiring, encouraging, funny and always thought-provoking. seems like you can always find just what you need at the moment.

  • Mystery

    These past few weeks, upon stumbling (a JW word) onto this site, I have felt like this huge weight is chipping more and more off my shoulders. If it were not for finding this site I would still still feel like I was alone.

    Being alone in the sense of no one to share these feelings with. No one that really understands what JW's do to you, take from you and convince you that without them that you will never be worthy without them.

    I love my husband dearly, but he had absolutely no idea how to handle me when I would get into a "JW mood". Now all i have to do is listen and sometimes comment to you guys.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart Simon & Ang.

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