Lurkers - Confused

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  • ballistic

    Gosh - so many Newbies! Hi to Margarita and Radio.

    Margarita - I think most of us can relate to what you say about finding "the truth about the truth" for the first time. Although I had left the organisation several years previous, finding answers on the net was what enabled me to close that chapter of my life for good.

    Radio - Don't worry about the flame wars - you normally have to go out of your way to get involved in them. Otherwise there are people here to make sure you don't get picked on!

  • breal

    hmm.. i started my intro with "lurker no more" ... i did not realize so many felt that lurkers are jw's trying to cause problems.

    To clarify I read but did not post (for some of the same reasons as radiolady).... I am an ex JW for almost 10yrs...and no I was not stalking anyone & certainly NOT trying to cause problems for anyone else that may post... it amazes & disgusts me that anyone could/would cause problems for someone just by reading this stuff

  • SPAZnik

    Like Simon said, "Lurkers" are simply people that read but don't post. You had it right. :)

    The term most often used for troublemakers and stalker types iz "troll"



    Yup, the Chief Apostate of Ontario.

    Remember, Ontario is one big province. Over 418,000 sq. miles of it, and she rules it.

    But she's the kindest ruler you could ever want: treats everyone fairly and never shuns. As lovable as you could ever get.

    I wish she'd run for premier of the province. (Rayzorblade crosses his fingers)

    But she's too busy with her position as CA.of.O.

    Love you Mouthy.

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