Do You Consider Yourself An Honest Person?

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  • minimus

    Many JW's can lie and feel that they are only using "theocratic stratergy". Some people are extremely above board and any thought of lying would not ever be considered. Some feel that they are very honest but would still cheat on taxes if they could get away with it. I've heard it said that "honesty is in the eye of the beholder". What one person considers an honest course, another would not. ......Are you a thoroughly honest person?

  • freeman

    I consider myself pretty honest, but I believe all things are relative; there are no absolutes IMHO.

    In my previous vocation I had the opportunity to steal large sums of money with very little chance of ever being caught.

    For many years it was my job to test the security of sensitive and critical systems by trying to hack into them without detection. I was often quite successful. This included payroll computers and government computers transferring millions of dollars. It’s kind of cool having a payroll computer put your name on a real check in the amount you choose. Yet I never once used my knowledge to steal, the challenge is the reward, not the potential money. Sometimes it not the lack of opportunity or the fear of being caught that makes people honest, sometimes it’s just the way they are.

    All that said, it is also quite true that sometimes I bring home a pen or two from the office without even thinking about it. I guess I’m a bit quirky that way.


  • freedom96

    This is the way I answer that question:

    Would I want close friends like me? With my values, integrity, etc?


  • gumby

    I can honestly say I feel I am. No other way works. No other way produces the effects like honesty does. The plain fact is.......people like honest people.

    When you leave dubdom you search for truth, and in doing that you learn honesty like you've never known before.......if you were raised a dub.


  • Scully

    My personal philosophy is this: It requires a whole lot less of my time and energy to be honest. Lying, creating fabrications, remembering the lies and fabrications is just too much an expenditure of mental energy, time, imagination and creativity. I have better things to do with my resources.

    Love, Scully

  • kls

    Yes , Yes and it makes me sick.I am to honest, and to think i would tell a little untrue, it bothers me to no end , how nerdy is that.Some one help to corrupt me.(TROLLS MAY NOT APPLY)

  • liquidsky

    I never lie.

  • Xena

    I would say basically I am honest...I won't lie (or will I???), I have told a fib or two in my time, but for the most part I prefer to be honest with to paraphrase Scully "I am to darn lazy to lie"


    Yes, I'd say I'm an honest person.

  • Thunder Rider
    Thunder Rider

    To a fault I'm afraid. Right is right.
    Allow me to explain. Back in 1992 I was working for a lawn service cutting the grass accros from a bank that had been robbed a day earlier. I found a bank bag with $50000.00 in it. We wer flat on our asses broke and living on a mere $240.00 a week.
    I returned the money. I was interviewed by the FBI for over an hour to convince them that I had not stolen it. I was interviewed by the local TV station, and I felt pretty good about myself. The next day I began to develope severe flu like symptoms. I was laid up for a week. My wife called the bank to see if there was anything in the dye pack that might have caused my condition and was dismissed without any explanation. She had to call the police department to get the answer. It seems that the dye pack also has tear gas in it and I along with three local cops was having an alergic reaction to it. Suffice it to say I never even got a #^@& you very much from the bank. I have always prided myself on my personal integrity. No one can take it away from me.

    I am also a liar. I lied to hundreds of people for years. I told them stories of eternal life and paradise. For that I am sorry. Right is right. I no longer lie for them.


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