Scientology: Who's out?

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  • manon

    You hit the bulls eye eyebrow2. May I also add L.Ron was a hollywood sci-fi screen writer as well as sf book author ala Gene Rodenberry<don't think I spelled his name right>star trek fame. Sorry scifi isn't my genre. Then went ahead and started his own religion.

  • rocketman

    Expect Kidman to get unannounced and uninvited calls from elders soon, since she is "inactive".

  • Eyebrow2

    Nicole is better off without Tom and the whole lot....I like John travolta to a point...but have you noticed he is the SAME bad guy in every movie, or same good guy?

    cookie cutter acting....very sad...any person that would be willing to play that in that movie "Michael" MUST Be in a cult heehee

  • Swan

    I have gotten so tired of Tom Cruise. His Mission Impossible movies were an egotistical vehicle for him and a joke perpetrated on every fan of the original TV show. Vanilla Sky was a confused mess with a surprise ending that was not that surprising. Movies like The 6th Sense, Unbreakable, The Others, and The Matrix had much better surprises and their stories were consistently compelling throughout. The only thing notable about Vanilla Sky is its metaphor for the confusion of someone trapped in a life that they can not escape from. In many ways I thought it was autobiographical of Tom's own life in a religious cult. That is the only redeeming quality I found in that movie.

    The only movie I really like of his is Risky Business. I think it was his absolutely best film because it was the only movie where he actually let the audience see any vulnerability. In all of his other movies he has this cocky, smug persona that masks his own personal insecurities. A good actor would use those insecurities instead of trying to cover them up.

    Nicole Kidman is much better off without him. I like her work much better and think she is by far the more talented of the two.


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