Scientology: Who's out?

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  • Swan

    I don't usually follow celebrity gossip, but I saw this headline on MSN and followed the link.

    Scientology Shuffle Nicole Kidman and Lisa Marie differ on the church by BeatBoxBetty

    According to Mrs. John Travolta, Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman has distanced herself not only from the Church of Scientology, but from people involved in the organization as well. Kelly Preston -- a devout Scientologist like her hubby John -- claims that Kidman used to love being involved. "Actually when I knew Nicole she seemed to think there was nothing better than Scientology," Preston told World Entertainment News. "She was, like, 'This is the greatest thing ever.'" But according to Kelly, since Kidman's split from Tom Cruise in 2001, she's also cut ties from friends who are still active. "Well, I haven't seen her for a long, long time," she adds. "I see Tom, but not her as much."

    One celeb who doesn't look like she's cutting the strings that bind anytime soon is Lisa Marie Presley. In her first album release To Whom It May Concern, one tune preaches the Scientology cause to stop parents from giving their children drugs like Ritalin. In a diatribe against psychiatry in general Presley sings, "I'm sorry, children, you don't have the choice/Your parents gave you something way back/When there's nothing wrong with you it's easier/To give you this then you won't embarrass them/When there's something wrong take an antidepressant/You can even choose which kind you want by the latest suicide/You know you're sorry 'cause you let them down..." OK, so she's no John Lennon or Joni Mitchell -- but she's got guts.

  • Sara Annie
    Sara Annie

    The scientologists are a brand of wacky that makes JW doctrine look sane, well-reasoned, and totally believable.

  • free will
    free will

    The scientologists are a brand of wacky that makes JW doctrine look sane

  • bebu

    Those are ridiculous lyrics. I can't imagine being a label company and letting the song on. It just must have amazing vocals or an amazing melody, then, right? I don't have any issues for or against Ritalin, though I do suspect that it's over-prescribed.

    I think a message like that would have to have be more poetic, and thought-provoking, if you know what I mean. Right now it sounds like propaganda. Blecch!

    I am glad that Nicole is out of the Scientology. Tom and John and Kelly are otherwise intelligent people; I hope that there is something that gets their attention as to the nuttiness of it all!

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  • ashitaka

    Scientology: Who's nuts?

    All involved.

    Xenu---remember Xenu! LOL


  • Swan
    The scientologists are a brand of wacky that makes JW doctrine look sane, well-reasoned, and totally believable.

    Yeah, but they have bigger celebrities!

  • demar

    I dont even see why they use the word christian scientist. They deny that Christ came in the flesh, which is said in the epistles of John to be Anti-Christ.

  • Swan

    I don't understand Demar. Are you perhaps confusing Christian Scientist with Scientologist? They are two different things, you know.

  • DJ

    Hi demar,

    I'm just wondering what it is exactly that the scientologists do say about Jesus...what do they think about the coming in the flesh?I ask, because I've always wondered who John was referring to, and to what sect that verse applies to today. I used to try to stretch it and make it fit the jw's but couldn't quite do it. They are less obvious . dj

  • Eyebrow2

    you have to pay a lot of money to move up in that cult, ooops religion, that is why there are some many rich peeps in it...Ron L. Hubbard was a genius! How many other people could invent a religion? who else would have bought all his books but loyal followers heehee?

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