Mary Shelley the Movie

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  • Diogenesister
    2m a big fan of M.Shelley, I think she was a prodigy. As Magnum pointed out, to come up with such an amazing and insightful and deep exploration of the many issues and concepts in Frankenstein seems almost impossible for one so young

    I was a voracious reader as a young woman and I read Frankenstein at about 19 the first time....I was utterly gobstmacked. When people ask I usually say its my favourite book. It really is incredible that one so young had such a grasp of such concepts, yet at that time I could only relate the ideas in the book to humanity.

    Even though I knew what Id found, I was pomi and I still didnt want to compare my Jehovah to Dr Frankenstein.

  • smiddy3

    I have never read Mary Shelley`s Frankenstein before but it is now on the top of my list after I finish "The Children Act" from the local library

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