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  • Prisca

    Very touching poetry. Beautiful and eloquent words - thanks for sharing.

  • Mystery

    Moving, emotional and beautiful.

  • no one
    no one

    Sheila, forgive me for inserting this into your thread like I was tooting my own horn, but your poem about your son and the military struck a chord I wrote to someone whose son is in the 'Rangers' and was sick with dread. I wrote this for her and for all of the mothers world-wide whose child goes into harm's way:

    Soldier Mother/Soldier Son

    I think of him, dropping quietly from a desert sky into a land where even clouds refuse to go. I think of his fear and the fear of those who are with him; a fear that lives only on battlefields and binds together the lives of every soldier from every war. I think of him, carefully picking his way across an alien world, where mines replace meteors at gouging out the earth. I think of him and the mission that he has, knowing full well that across the empty miles there waits another mother’s son with a mission of his own.

    I think of her, restless, sleepless, sobbing quietly into her pillow. I think of her fear and the fear of mothers like her; the kind of fear known only to those who have carried a life within them. I think of her making her way through the days’ distractions, where every phone call or message could be the one that changes her life forever. I think of her courage, knowing that in a faraway land there waits another mother of a different tongue struggling bravely with a courage of her own.

    I think of them. I think of the casualties that are about to occur to both mother and son on these fields of battle; of the loss and heartache that lies ahead for all of us. I think of them. I think of every one of them… and I pray.

  • SheilaM

    BigTex: Thank you The publication is for the local colleges and then they have some place I will go to read my work in fall. Thunder wants me to publish a poetry book but I am not quite sure I'm ready for that. I feel comfortable with you all now

    Prisca: THANK YOU, I'm so glad you like them I say your name and told Thunder PRISCA read my thread LOL Thanks so much

    Mystery: Thank you so much

    No one: No, need to apologize thank you for sharing your work.

  • SheilaM

    I ended my fear with "Holding what was the world to me". Thunder loves it the instructor didn't what do you all think?

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