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  • Francois

    What do you think? Should we ask Simon to put a singles page on here? LIke: "Male seeks female with boat and motor. Must be able to clean and cook fish and remember to keep refrigerator stocked with beer at all times. Send picture of boat and motor." That kind of thing?

    Lots of us have lost spouses when we left the borg, and this is a major social outlet. And face it, it really does take someone who has been in the borg to understand someone else who has been in the borg.

    I know we've got a topic that's close to this, but what I'm talking about is a no-kidding, in your face, what's your phone number kind of place like

    What do you think?


  • hurt

    Thumbs-up, Francois! Nice idea. I'm gettting to that point where it seems only an ex-dub can understand it all. Simon?

  • berten

    Not a bad idea...

  • SpunkyChick

    Excellent idea Francios! I think Simon should hook us up with something like that....I'm still waiting for him to fix the edit profile option so I can add a pic....

  • freedom96

    I found my wife from another ex-jw site. It was not a singles dating service. She simply had left her story on the site, and I wrote back, and the rest is history.

    Though I believe we can find love anywhere, I do think it takes another ex witness to truly understand what we went through. Anything to help people meet the possible love of their life, I am for.

  • be wise
    be wise

    I think it's a great idea.

    You would be guaranteed a good laugh and a good time I think.

  • ballistic

    I'm up for it!

  • Francois

    OK SIMON. WE VOTED, AND we've agreed we would like for you to add a real singles meeting place on the old bb here. How bout it?


  • patio34

    Great idea Francois--I vote for it too!

    It's tough for a woman just leaving the JWs to find male friends of the single persuasion.


  • patio34

    P.S. It seems it may be a good idea to somehow let Simon know about this suggestion as he may overlook the thread, n'est pas?


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