Evil quotes from a JW site

by Nordic 26 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • berylblue
    i guess there will be those who must be weeded out sometimes. Jehovahs sifting for fine gems not shoddy fools gold.

    Yeah, weed those disgusting abuse victims out. They are simply vile, and have no place in Jehovah's clean organization.


  • kls

    I am so inferated i can't even find words .Wow, i do have more room to hate them

  • freedom96

    What a bunch of mindless, spineless robots just repeating what they have been told.

    Think for yourselves people! Investigate, research!

  • happy man
    happy man

    wher do you find this site, sounds like it was denmark o norway, if you can give me the link.

    then I can tell here in m swed cong this have start a splitt of the cong,I have informd some here fore a long time about this issu, and now when this program was in sweed Tv and we here this is all lies, some protest, we have also a connecktion to unother cong where this realy happend, a pedofile how destroy several kidds, he was dfd after a time but nowan was informd , so here is some nowlege about this nightmare issu.

    now we how are speaking upp about that this realy happend and that perhaps our lawsystem have some wrong in it, when wicktim is dfd and pedofile still Jw, as can happend if the pedofile are condemd in court widhout two wittneses, he can not be dfd , even if he have long time in jail, if then the wicktim go to some friend and tell the abuse he is dfd fore slander, some sytem error i must say.

    I see two problems, we have now help fore the peopel how are in kommites, we are perhaps the only on eart how not allow tha acused to have some form of advocat.

    then we have the same punishment fore evry sinn, from childabuse to if you celebrait birthdays, or play on a lottery, fore some nickels.It is also a problem.

    I am in some chock beaucuse I have been warnd to talk about his issu, not one word more to anyone, ouuups, things start to bee realy dangerus, this is unbelvevebel fore mee, they say i am cousing division in the cong, but I now whats said its not the truth, and I have also some info about my former elder freinds, how can be usfull, the truth must have wictory.

  • amac

    I was actually impressed that two of the posters seemed to acknowledge the problem. That Joe fella acknowledged that the organization is imperfect indirectly acknowledging that these problems can exist. And then that other sister said Jehovah let the program air for a reason and that maybe some congregations have been a haven for child molesters. To me this says that the programs had the desired effect in bringing awareness to this problem to everyone, including those in the religion.

  • Nordic

    Hi happyman

    here is the Email to the site: [email protected]

    You have to ask for a membership. The site is closed for non members.


  • Gordy

    They seem to forget that a lot of countries also did there own programs on the subject of JW's and child abuse.

    They all uncovered the same lies and cover-ups by JW congregations. All congregations were following the same policy laid down by Brooklyn Bethel.

    Which amounts to let the children suffer, as long as we look good.

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