Evil quotes from a JW site

by Nordic 26 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • ashitaka

    These people need therapy, or a bionic heart. Even a machine would care more about molested kids than these people do.


  • rocketman

    I noticed the comment also on the use of the word "Church" and how that one disfellowshipped person (after the fact) being involved suddenly makes any accusations wrong. Once again, no one bothers to ask about actual evidence.

    rocketman - of the 'trying to hold back gag reflex' class.

  • ashitaka

    Witnesses deliberatly misunderstand this because they won't acknowledge that people outside of the witnesses wouldn't understand the term "kingdom hall". Church is much easier, and is two syllables shorter.

    Dumbasses. They look for any excuse to avoid the issue.


  • blondie

    Here's part of a quote from JR Brown:

    "If child abuse becomes known to our church elders, they strictly comply with applicable child abuse reporting laws. We also encourage the wrongdoers to do everything they can to set the matter straight with the authorities."

    I guess that proves he is an apostate.


  • Nordic

    Hi Blondie

    where is this quote from?.


  • berylblue

    This literally makes me sick.


  • blondie

    I got it from a series of quotes on Lambsroar.org I didn't have time to find out where they got it. Silentlambs.org would be a good place to check.

    The WTS does use the word "church" when talking to the media because it is a term they understand rather than KH or congregation.

    I have a class tonight, but I will try to check it.

    Use Google "brown jehovah quote"


  • ApagaLaLuz
    Isn't that touching. All of that concern for jehovah, his name, and of course his organization.

    Who cares about the victims! Well they must be as evil as the media. Shame on them.

    Well said. Of course we all know that 'Jehovah and his organization' take priority over EVERYTHING including your family and CHILDREN. Loyalty belongs to him alone, forget about your kids. When this scandal originally broke I wrote a letter to my mother and included Barbara Anderson's first hand story. My mother was a molestation victim, she has never said a word to me regarding the abuse issues. Cant help but wonder why

  • avengers
    We have to remember though that Jehovah allowed that program to be showed to the nations and he must have had a reason for that

    "Jehovah" is trying to show that this Org is rotten to the core.
    "Her sins have piled up all the way to Heaven".

    "Revelation 18:4: "Get out of her my people if YOU do not want to share in her sins".

  • SYN

    Thanks a bundle for posting that, Nordic.


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