Why is the rate of CONVID-19 in Canada only 20-25% of the US ?

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  • RubaDub

    Any thoughts?

    I would expect Vancouver and Toronto to be huge epicenters with the rate of international travel there. With Vancouver highly Asian and Toronto a mixture of everywhere, they are either just behind in the cycle or doing something that makes more sense than what is happening here.

    Rub a Dub

  • Finkelstein

    The comparison rests in population density which is quite a bit higher in cities like New York . ie. public transit systems, city dwelling in places like Times Square.

  • eyeuse2badub

    Canadians are antisocial by nature so it's harder to spread the virus!..........At least that 's what I've been told!

    just saying!

  • Simon

    Places are very very different. Even in the US, there are huge differences between states and even cities and towns within those states.

    AFAIK we don't have the retard that was "spring break" where irresponsible youths mingled to spread a pandemic to the rest of the country.

    We'd have even fewer cases if Trudeau would finally stop allowing flights from the shit-hole that is China, but at least we have a low-density population in most places which, I think, helps.

    Toronto is going to be more like NY and London, smaller towns will probably find it easier to socially distance and not use public transit and so on.

    Grouping things at the country level for large countries such as the US and Canada isn't that meaningful or helpful.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    @ Rubadub; I've been collecting the UK numbers of infections each day during March. As you will see, the percentages rise & fall for whatever reasons. (percentages are approx. - not to the decimal point!)

    March 4 – 5 = 26% =113

    March 5 – 6 = 44% = 163

    March 6 – 7 = 26% = 206

    March 7 – 8 = 32% = 273

    March 8 - 9 = 17% = 319

    March 9 - 10 = 17% = 373

    March 10 - 11 = 22% = 456

    March 11 - 12 = 30% = 596

    March 12 - 13 = 34% = 798

    March 13 - 14 = 72% = 1372

    March 14 - 15 = 12% = 1543

    March 15 - 16 = 26% = 1950

    March 16 - 17 = 35% = 2626

    March 17 - 18 = 24% = 3269

    March 18 - 19 = 22% = 3983

    March 19 - 20 = 26% = 5018

    March 20 - 21 = 13% = 5683

    March 21 - 22 = 42% = 8077

    March 22 - 23 = 18% = 9529

    March 23 - 24 = 22% = 11,658

    March 24 - 25 = 25% = 14,543

    March 25 - 26 = 18% = 17,089

  • shepherdless

    I am not sure what the reference to “20-25%” is in your question, but broadly there are 2 reasons there are far fewer cases in Canada.

    The minor reason is that Canada had fewer cases early on. For example, on 1st March 2020, USA had 75 cases and Canada 24.

    You can pick up all the data by clicking on USA or Canada or for any of the other major countries and get the official count, for any date, at this site:

    The major reason can also be seen from the same data. The above site has a tab for each country that plots the no of cases (and also the no of deaths) with the vertical axis on a logarithmic scale. The graphs for both countries show a worrying straight line. (Maths students may remember that a straight line plotted on semi-log paper indicates an exponential function.). However, as can be seen from the graphs, Canada is increasing the number of cases tenfold each 9 to 10 days, whereas USA is 8 to 9 days. That may not sound like much of a difference, but such is the power of the exponential function that this slightly better success means Canada has to date only 5655 cases compared to USA 123,781.

    But before Canadians pat themselves on the back, or note their good fortune, if you look at the charts for other western countries, you will note that many other countries have been able to make the logarithmic line curve down, or at least make the straight line less steep (and hence are having more success controlling the spread (at least now) than Canada.
  • newsheep

    They should have shut down the borders a lot sooner and even now. Snow birds are allowed to still come over and are not heeding the warnings to self isolate. Their first stop is the big box stores. We are in eastern Ontario and ten minutes away from the US border. Cops having to tell the overnight campers in three huge box store parking lots to move on and they would move and then come back later.

    I wish they would close the provinces down as well. Quebec isn't listening and are over here buying up our supplies as well as spreading this virus. You go to any box store here and look at the license plates, it's mostly Quebec license plates.

    The Ottawa hospital has repeatedly said if your from Quebec please use your own hospitals and not ours since it's us the tax payers that pay for them here in Ontario. Their excuse for using our hospitals is the emerg wait time is at leas six hours less than theirs. Once they are seen here then if they need a specialist they get referred to someone here so then our wait time is going up. Yet these people from Quebec are the ones crying they want to be separate from the rest of us. Unless a hospital refers you to another hospital where there are more highly trained specialists then they should stay where they are. Ottawa said they can't keep up in emerg due to this problem with another province coming over and not being able to look after their own. Now two hours away Kingston hospital is having the same problem.

    Rant over!!!

  • RubaDub

    I am not sure what the reference to “20-25%” is in your question

    shepherdless ...

    I was referring to per capita infections and deaths, since you can't really compare the two countries using absolute numbers when the US has 7 times more people.

    But I still find Vancouver an anomaly with a population of 700,000 and nearly one third are Asians, primarily from China and Korea.

    Rub a Dub

  • clarity

    Rub a Dub......I find it is strange too....live outside of Vancouver. Glad we are taking the safety procedures seriously, plexy glass protecting the cashiers now and 6 - 9 ft between customers. My bank has X's marked outside for the line-ups.

  • Finkelstein

    But I still find Vancouver an anomaly with a population of 700,000 and nearly one third are Asians, primarily from China and Korea.

    Actually there are 2 million in the greater Vancouver area.

    Yes there are a high volume of Asians living here but not all were traveling to China in the Wuhan city district .

    You would think because the Asian population percentage there would higher number of incidences but that's not the case.

    I live in Vancouver.

    As of the latest numbers released on March 28, 2020, there are a total of 884 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in B.C. with a population of about 3 million .

    • The cases span all B.C. health regions: Vancouver Coastal (444), Fraser Health (291), Island Health (60), Interior Health (77) and Northern Health (12).

    • 17 people have died, 81 are in hospital (52 in intensive care) and 396 have recovered.

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