Damon Wayans

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  • JaniceA

    So far I see evidence that he went to show events. Memorial and dedication of building. He has ties, yes, but those are the equivalent of born in Catholics going to Christmas mass and the Vatican. They are the things that lots of faders/drifters do to make family happy and to stay under the radar. John cedars has bethel pictures

  • carla

    He said, "thank you Jesus"? doesn't sound very dubby to me.

    Recent picture shows him with a beard and mustache


    In my neck of the woods beards and mustaches are still frowned upon by jw's.

  • minimus

    Say it isn’t so

  • ShirleyW

    I remember an interview he did with Howard Stern more than ten years ago when he said that while he was on SNL he was still attending and knocking on doors and people would recognize him. He's conflicted, like a lot of two faced dubs I know, they think it's still da troof and will attend here and there, but they're still living their lives as they want, doing things that would get them DFd, but they just don't feel guilty. Same ol' story most of the Dubs are living, but his checks to the Borg are just a bit larger than the regular check a hardworking brother contributes.

  • Theonlyoneleft



  • blondie

    Is there a direct quote from him saying he is a jw?

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