Catholic madly in love with a JW (cont'd)

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  • notjustyet

    Splash,.. over 18 I think it is,.. as I have this for my minor kids,...

    Original Poster,...

    Your Soulmate is indoctrinated into a cult.

    It's very hard to get a person out of a cult.

    The only way you will ever find peace is to move on or get her out of the cult.

    Read Steven Hassans books on "Combatting Cult Mind Control" and his other books to see what she is going through.

    Is she open to looking into her religious beliefs to see if they are in alignment with reality?

    If so you might be able to get her to slowly look into what she believes to see if it matches reality.

    Again, it is possible to get someone out of a cult but it is VERY difficult to pull off.


  • WireRider

    On one hand, you could try to pry her away from the cult. But my case she really doesn't believe that much. She is far to worried about not seeing her family and friends ever again.

    I have heard so many people on here that don't believe but stay so their family isn't ripped apart by a controlling cult. Isn't that really sick?

    Unfortunately in staying, not believing, they are supporting the claims of active members. It's like staying friends with someone you know is a repeat rapist. It boosts his ego and brags that he is so popular for having so many friends - all these people must trust him - and he's out raping so many more without fear of getting caught.

    How many on here would walk out the door and never go back if the WT was forced to stop shunning and threatening to break up families? A million or more?

    Someone should really come up with legal cases for intimation, cowertion, extortion, blackmailing, racketeering? How many broken families would be willing to testify?

    They arrest people every day that threaten to break your legs if you don't give them your money - or peddle their products. How is emotional threats and emotional terrorism any different? How many emotional intimidated slaves have built there real state empire? With NO FREE WILL.

  • WireRider

    Freedom of religion STOPS when unwilling people are terrorized. I don't think "Stay or I will break you away from your family forever" "get out there and make more money for us as an emotional terrorized slave" "fill out time sheets so we can run your sales efforts".

    I hate to be vulgar - but the Watchtower is a FUCKING PIMP to make money by threatening people. At all the #@[email protected]#% don't even get paid.

    If all those who want out just left - it would be the death nail to the Watchtower.

  • Heaven

    Luge, there is no advice you can give her because she committed adultery. As a JW, she is not scripturally available to re-marry even if a divorce does happen.

    But let's say the divorce happens and she goes against Botchtower and you 2 are together.

    First off, you do realize, that JWs HATE Catholics, right? Second, she is going to live in guilt because her marriage didn't work out and she committed adultery. So she has a ton of crap to deal with. You're going to need to get her some professional counselling. Also, the JWs may hound her and will likely look to disfellowshipping her which means her family will then have to shun her.

    You are in for one hell of a nasty, rough ride.

  • TheWonderofYou

    If you love her, you should not get in the middle of a complicated foreign marriage and let her go immediately.

    She should find out what she wants and deal with her matters herself before implicating you into a prospective later relationship with her.

  • Luge62

    Wow the passion out there to my dilemma is amazing. Thank you so much for your advise and suggestions they are deeply appreciated. God bless.

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