Is the baby being thrown out with the bath water?

by Chap 40 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Abaddon
    Christianity is based on the fact that Jesus rose from the dead.

    Chap, again your entire arguement concerning Jesus is based upon the presupposition that the account of his ressurection is true, which is based upon a presupposition that the Bible is an infallible inspired work.

    I have provided evidence to the contrary. Now, you can ignore those facts I presented if you want, and have an opinion based upon your presuppositions. This is fine is you are willing to admit it. But unless you can show the Bible IS inspired and infallible, all your faiths are based on opinion and perhaps a personal relevation. No problem there, I can no more disprove a personal relevation than you can prove it, and every one is entitled to an opinion.

    But, if you are trying to say you have the facts, then I disagree with you. You don't have facts, which make statements like "Is the baby being thrown out with the bath water?" completely meaningless.

    As for the the body argument, again, that is simplistic and presuppositionalist, and discounts the most likely reason for the body disappearing, if it did (remember, unless you can prove otherwise the whole thing is just a story), which is his disciples doing it.

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