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  • berylblue

    This post was a big mistake. I was honestly just trying to figure out why some groups are considered fair targets for prejudicial statements, while others are not....

    Sorry, everyone.


  • teenyuck
    I think that most Americans are moderate.

    Very good point. That is not what is being posted however.

    When I am called *stupid, ignorant, blind to reality, *Another desperate far-right whacko** I start to get annoyed. The desperate far-right whacko comment is from Reborn on the Syria thread.

    All because I questioned what Bush's daughters drinking in college has to do with the issue of Iraq or Syria.

    That was a nice comment compared to some of them, most are are downright hateful. I am not allowed to show a moderate side because it is OK to bash me if I am "right wing". It does not matter if I, too, am a moderate. That all gets lost in the name calling.

    Yes, this type of stuff is ok. As noted, if you inserted a race or another country, you would be shot down immediately and called racist.

  • Brummie
    This post was a big mistake.

    No it wasnt, it was bothering you and the best thing to do is get a clearer perspective by airing your concern.

    For what its worth I also believe Americans get a bad deal, the comparison you made with the Jewish rasicm etc was probably a bad one but your point is well taken and worth bringing out.


  • wednesday


    lol u are so right on. However, my personal new fav insult for being right wing is Redneck. Apparently we are all just rednecks. That is actually a racial slur, meaning the same as white trash. Apparently some racial slurs are ok.

  • teenyuck

    Perhaps searchforthetruth will read this and understand.....

  • searchfothetruth

    Perhaps if teeny duck just read what was stated instead of jumping to conclusions then maybe he would understand.

    An American president once said that to criticise ones government is the most patriotic thing you can do.

    From reading most of the threads were you have got on your high horse and said we are anti-american, you've totally missed trhe point.

    If we criticise the US government, why do you think thats being critical of you personally. If someone critisised Tony Blair do you think I would be bothered.?

    As far as I can tell, there is no Anti-American feeling on this forum, people just don't like the American policy, and unless I'm mistaken, you didn't have anything to do with that did you?

  • Pork Chop
    Pork Chop

    It's real simple, Simon is anti-American and he calls the shots. Obvious isn't it?

  • Simon
    It's real simple, Simon is anti-American and he calls the shots. Obvious isn't it?

    Someone really simple may believe that ... but it isn't true. I am not going to start trying to defend myself against silly accusations though as there is little point - anyone accusing me:

    a) has not understood what I have posted (or has not read it properly)

    b) would not believe anything positive I say about America or Americans

    These claims of "anti-Americanism" are just a "cheap way" of avoiding a difficult subject IMHO.

    Tell me, when it's election time and people stand up and say "we don't like the President, we want another one" ... are all these people anti-American too?

    I am allowed to criticise what America does if I think it's wrong just as you can criticise what Britain does if you think it is wrong. If you have a problem with that then it is your problem and not mine.

  • Brummie
    It's real simple, Simon is anti-American and he calls the shots. Obvious isn't it?

    Yada yada yada, how comes these war threads become all about attacking Bush Blair & Simon...? give it a break. brummie

  • Simon
    Bush Blair & Simon

    LOL ... and they always forget my invite to Camp David

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