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  • ashitaka
    "geez Americans are Sooooo Sensitive and take everything Soooo Personally".

    Funny. We northerners always substitute the word 'Americans' with 'Texans'.......LOL.



    Now, that is a joke. A joke, so don't kill me.

  • Xena

    <-----locking and loading baby....locking and loading

  • ashitaka

    ...tell my wife I love her.........

  • Aztec

    Oooooh someones asking for it ashitaka! LOL! I never take any American bashing/criticizing personally. ~Aztec

  • teenyuck

    Rosemarie, I have come to the conclusion that the American bashers will not stop. It does not matter if you tell them the US is not the *bestest, grandest, smartest, most wonderfulest place on the planet*. Acknowledging the US is not Utopia goes no where. Acknowledging that the Pres. comes off like a dope sometimes is useless. They want to bash America and by extention anyone who agrees with the war and happens to be American. We are then called right wing, Hitler loving, baby killing bastards. And American to boot.....

    The arguements and name calling are a joke. I would dare any of the bashers to come to an Apostate Fest, in the US, and voice those same opinions. They won't. They will say it is to get together and socialize not to discuss world affairs. Perhaps. I think people's true *colors* have come out.

    I think your question was very good. I think, as ash noted, that many are falling into their old JW names, feel superior because *your* arguement has someone backing it,(and it might only be TH) and get smug and testy when called on the carpet about it.

    Go ahead bash away. It only shows what type of person you really are when you lump and generalize.

  • berylblue

    Teeny, I appreciate your comments but oh, gosh, this was not how I expected this to evolve. I'm honestly trying to figure out why it's okay to call one type of ethnic group "ignorant" but not another.

    I guess I should have used a different example. So let me try this again.

    Were I to post something like, "All Brits are idiots", the comment would not have been deleted (but I'd have been blasted, and would have deserved it), but if I were to post, "All blacks are idiots", I think that might have been deleted.

    I have my suspicions about why there is a taboo against certain kinds of statements about certain ethnic groups, but I wanted to learn why others think this is.


  • hippikon

    Personally I hate Paedophiles – the dirty filthy low life scum. I just want to stop on their heads

    Ooops sorry – Is that racist? Sorry I retract that last statement. Everyone has a right to be what they are. We should protect peoples freedoms

  • ashitaka

    I think that most Americans are moderate. The thing is, the fanatics on the left and right always have their key issues (abortion, death penalty, etc.) that are really unimportant in the scheme of things. They pick the one issue they care about, and elect an official to represent that issue. Selfish voting.

    I think the more pressing issues of the economy, foreign policy, and health care should come before all others.

    How does this relate to the topic?

    Well, people are already on the soapbox, blindly following some party, cause, etc. Even if somethings that are done by their elected official are shady, they will fight for them till the last, because that politician care about their views.

    I think we all need a real grassroots president who cares more about the people rather than his own personal ambition.

    People who don't like Bush are called Unamerican. Those who do love him are called Nazi's, etc.

    I the real problem is the rut that politicians have gotten themselves into. We shouldn't have to elect an official that is corrupt. There has to be a choice that makes sense for all of us.

    I'm moderate, so I'd like a moderate President. I support the death penalty, but not for mentally handicapped or minors. I support tax cuts, but not if they endanger our ability to someday take care of our national debt. I don't support abortion ( but not against it), but I do think that if they are going to be performed (which is the parent's choice) then please, let's use the stem cells to wipe out some of our medical tragedies.

    Pretty much, any article about ANY topic in America is heavily biased, one way or the other. Political issues have become like an insane football game, and that's a shame. The name calling, the flag waving (one way or the other). People have let passion become the issue, not the issues being the passion.

    Let's get back to that.


  • Nomad Soul
    Nomad Soul

    "People who don't like Bush are called Unamerican. Those who do love him are called Nazi's, etc."

    No, people can disagree and don't like bush, and can say "Well Nomad, I disagree of what Bush because of this and that...etc...." That is a patriot. An Unamericans are the ones that call Bush , hitler, or Nazi.

  • teenyuck

    Rosemarie, I think your initial point about it being fashionable to bash America was right on.

    That is what leads me to believe the bashers get some satisfaction of it....similar to a JW telling an X-JW relative that they won't make it through armageddon, they were always weak, yada, yada.

    It makes them feel superior and self righteous. We are told we are stupid for believeing anything in the media, that everything is propaganda, etc. I feel like I am reading comments my mother would make about *Apostate* websites. *It's all lies....they hate Jehovah*. Whatever.

    I have come to the conclusion that it is pointless to debate anything with them. I won't change my opinion and I am not trying to change theirs.

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