JW cars.

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  • zeb

    For some reason former jw friends came to mind and i thought of their car how it was a mess of clothes, squashed food and other grunge. They had adult kids who could have cleaned it once a while.

    Others had vehicles that never saw a spanner and another which rode the highways on bald tyres.

    Hmm a bit too spiritually minded perhaps?

    Is auto neglect common out there?

  • blondie

    zeb, I remember an MS who loudly proclaimed he never carried vehicle insurance on any of his vehicles. Yet, he took people out in field service every week, exposing his passengers to financial risk. I suppose they could have sued his ass off. I mentioned this to an elder and why he qualified as an MS publicly doing that, they said the elders were not responsible for that, not my job man.

  • Diogenesister

    I have to confess, being a dog owner, I was always conscious of my car being covered in smelly dog fur, no matter how hard I tried to get rid of it! I’m pretty sure some of my more sartorially inclined JWs didn’t want to get in and get dog hair on their suits!

    Bald tires are quite another matter!! Always take care that you have the very best tires you can afford imho.

  • WTWizard

    Bald tires? Try having the body rotting out. I have seen two cars where the underside is rusted to the point where I could easily see the road, and all it would take is one good pothole at 55 MPH/90 km/h to have the passenger compartment fall off. How those cars passed inspection is beyond me.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    In my experience, while many cars were old and out of shape (including bold tires), most of these were kept very clean. The problem was not with being clean, it was with the lack of money for the repairs.

  • stillin

    Then there were those that considered you materialistic if you actually cared whether their kids got their snack foods all over the floor and upholstery.

    One sister wouldn't have another sister, who was grossly obese, in her car because it was so hard on the suspension. Imagine THAT shit storm!

  • tiki

    This must be something related to area...around here they all seem to have pretty new 4 wheel drives in decent condition. But state laws are strict here as well...you can't get away with no insurance or bald tires or a host of other safety issues. As for messy interiors...some people are slobs...most not...

  • LV101

    Thank gawd for laws with these misfit leaders brainwashing/misdirecting priorities on the gullible. One hillbilly would pile group in backseat of her older car with no seat belts. The drones would just jump in no cares -- no way was I and who cares if her feelings were hurt -- crazy ole bat!

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i once sold a mini to an elder--a cheap runabout. some time later he was prosecuted for using it with 3 bald tyres. he still kept his elder badge though.

  • Incognigo Montoya
    Incognigo Montoya

    ...speaking of JW cars, I was watching the latest Cedars rebuttal of the 2019 convention videos, and one particular video, about not pursuing a full time career, stood out. So in this video, its career day at high school, and two young "brothers" are conversing about it. One of the boys gets a glimpse of his future, if he goes ahead and pursues his dream job, full time. He envisions himself, pulling up to a group of friends (also jw "brothers" portraid in suits) in a newer Honda Civic, 4 door. These friends are all admiring his new car, and he's proud of it, his new job affording him this new car. Later, when he continues his day dream, as it goes south, he is selling off his car, because it's not a necessity.

    So many problems with this.

    1. A 2018 Civic 4 door, is a dream car to a 17 year old? Really...

    2. Portaying a newer, modest, 4 door automobile as, materialistic, is a new low imo. In my day, as a witness, it would've been regarded as a practical service vehicle. But 17 year old me didn't want a 4 door. I wanted a 2 door sports car, which is what all teenage boys should be fantasizing about, when day dreaming of their future, car owning, selves. (Substitute, 4x4, muscle car, motorcycle, or other non practical, flashy vehicle, if your taste isn't sports cars)

    Anyway, just shameful that any aspect of wanting to better yourself, or driving something newer and nice, even though it is practical, is all packaged up as wrong, and demonized. Reinforcing; a good jw's car should be older, not even moderately "flashy".

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