JW cars.

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  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    Wow! Just cant believe the problems that come with a car n being a jdub, honestly.

    I never ever had any problems with the insides ,outsides, rust,dog fur,bald tires the lot! Coz I could never afford a car even a second hand one at that. Boy some of the luxuries yo have I can only dream of !


  • Finkelstein

    Back in my old Hall the elders were somehow the richest of the congregation, they drove Cadillacs and Mercedes, what a privilege to go out in service in the PO's Cadillac , but of course they all had 4 doors ..

  • blondie

    Finkelstein, a sister I knew moved out to live by WT Farms (no longer named that). She went to the circuit assembly and they had a special needs part telling jws that had nice cars and would not allow to be used in field service, because they might dirty, especially if children came that was unchristian. Instead they would let the pioneers use their car for group field service, wearing out their cars and not paying for gas. Wow, she said she never a talk like that before or after.

  • Incognigo Montoya
    Incognigo Montoya

    Zing, you've never had a car?!

  • waton
    Back in my old Hall the elders were somehow the richest of the congregation, they drove Cadillacs Fs.

    In that neighbourhood, full of retirees, that fulfilled the "inherit the earth" prophecy, by building personal real estate empires, they still do. mostly.

    Buying a car was always the last such purchase before Armageddon HaHa.

    When we, 50 years ago, escaped from our special pioneer assignment, ($ 50 a month) with a well used , but originally newly bought beetle**, we were told not to park in the KH parking lot. brotherly love at it's best.

    ** The local VW dealer supplied us with a new car every 2 years for $600. less than a $ a day..

  • blondie

    waton, why not park at the KH, was it leaking oil on the asphalt? We had a beetle for awhile. 2-door car, was that the issue? Quite extreme response, give an elder an inch and he will take a mile.

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