Walking on eggshells.

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  • ikhandi

    If your a true JW why would you even be on a board run by apostates trying to defend your faith? Aren't we the very same people that your religion tells you to stay away from. I don't consider myself an apostate.

  • be wise
    be wise

    Few JW's know all the facts about their Organisation and more often than not don't want to know when it's offered them. How can you have a constructive conversation with a JW that lives in an information vacuum ?

  • foreword


    I'm glad we've had this talk....lol

    In all seriousness though, I am sorry to have offended people the way I did. I admit that I've gotten way too emotional over the issue. It would be pretty lenghty to explain why.

    Although I did mention a few days ago that I did realize it and I was going to moderate my comments. I basically saw this after a few of your comments to my posts. So, to you personally, I apologize. And to others also.

    I am not the bad person that you might think I am, no one is actually. I do however have strong opinions about some issues, but I understand that I can hurt and I don't want this. I have a hard time to realize that there are real people behind every posts, and even if it's anonymous, it can still hurt.

    Right now, were sort of debating the freedom of speech issue, but I will take a step back.

  • foreword

    well I guess were not debating the freedom of speech issue no more, Simon locked it.


    and he rides into the sunset.....

  • Xena

    I'm glad we did too foreword

    Thank you for the apology, and I should probably apologize too. Issues like this tend to get people riled up and sometimes we all say things we later wish we hadn't, or that we had said them perhaps differently. lol I just went back and edited a post I made because in retrospect I realized that the language I used would only serve to inflame the issue...and really what purpose would that serve?

    Most of us have things going on in our lives that others on here have no idea about, that might influence the way we post...I try to keep that in mind, but needless to say I don't always suceed....*sigh* oh for the perfection promised to me by the dubs

    Sorry if I came across harsh or lol even worse prissy....and I am glad we have found some common ground....

  • wednesday

    freedom cuts both ways, george Bush did not lock the thread, Simon did.

    Personally i agree with francois, the entire first thread should be deleted, the pic of bush/hitler is totally unnecesary. It is like the threads showing dead babies. It s meant to upset and start a fight.

    But that is just my opinion.

  • foreword

    Thanks for accepting my apologies.

    I have a lot to learn, and yes...the perfection issue....so far away isn't it... lol

    No need for you to apologize, really.....you made me realize all of this was getting out of hand, especially "I" was getting out of hand.

    I'll try.....

    Take care

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