My 12 year old's spiritual quest..I could use some advice

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    What a fantastic mother you are to understand and accept that your child is a unique person on his own life path--not a carbon copy of you! It sounds as if he is fully confident in his freedom to explore his own mind and the world before him with all it's variety--no doubt due to unconditional love.

    I would also highly recommend "The Celestine Prophecy" by James Redfield (mentioned earlier). It is written as fiction, but it is very good at showing that ALL people are connected. I believe that it was a critical turning point and a huge boost to my self-esteem and personal views about all humankind.

    I guess my only 2 cents of advice is this--continue encouraging him to research and read about ALL cultures and religions, read (or at least peruse) the things he reads so that you can understand what he's read and ask questions about his viewpoints afterwards, and help him to realize that there are 2 sides to all issues (for example, the accuracy of the bible based on "the stories" being written down many YEARS after things happened).

    I think it's great that you have such an open view to your child's willingness to develop spiritually. I am positive that my own lack of support at a similar age crushed me internally for many years. Many hugs to you and yours, and I'm looking forward to meeting you (and hopefully your son and the rest of your family) at the New England Apostafest.


  • Lost Diamond
    Lost Diamond


    I would also recommend reading "Celestine Vision" I'm on the 5th chapter and I've found this book very enlightening. He sounds like a very bright kid with a spiritual quest....something that should be nurtured.

  • topanga

    if she has the new world translation bible have her read it following the foot notes and have her use a notebook as she goes through the maze of footnotes.At first use nothing but the footnotes.

  • Ravyn

    I don't know what particular religious affiliation, if any, you hold now, but might I recommend you check out the local Unitarian Universalist fellowship? It is where I went right after JWs to find answers that were unbiased and tolerant about other religions. They have a website too---

    and they also have a pagan branch called CUUPs which is linked from their main web site. Very intellectual and open group of people. with EXCELLENT libraries--offered for FREE!


  • Eyebrow2


    I really appreciate it! I am saving these posts and will check out the books that were recommend, and the site as well...I had thought about going there for myself, but will check it out with my son. I knew I could find useful advice here.....he loves books, and reads plenty of fiction and fantasy, and I think that has helped fueled his imagination, and need his curiousity as well as being raised as a dub for 7 pr 8 years.

    You guys are the BEST!!!!

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