conversation with a JW about the sun

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  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Hell most JW believe the Grand Canyon was carved out 4000 years ago , the flood.

  • WingCommander

    1. Not all stars become black holes.

    2. Our sun might not actually become a Red Giant either, it may just collapse down upon itself to become a white dwarf.

    3. Our star (the Sun) burns thru 600 million tonnes of hydrogen PER SECOND.

  • Fred Franztone
    Fred Franztone
    2. Our sun might not actually become a Red Giant either, it may just collapse down upon itself to become a white dwarf.

    It will most certainly become a red giant, twice in fact, before the outer layers are blown away, leaving a white dwarf

  • punkofnice
    NBD - JW: But God didn't make it that way, it's firmly established to time indefinite. It's not like the sun is a regular star. Who gave them that right to decide?

    Like the life of stars is a decision scientists can make.

    If I were that Jobo I'd hang my head in shame if I said something so daft.

    I see that 'special pleading' and 'argument from ignorance' are alive and well in Joboland.

  • sir82

    Embarrassingly when I was a JW I thought that god would just refuel the sun to prevent it from depleting hydrogen

    Don't be embarrassed, I can think of many JWs who are considered "intelligent" who would give exactly that same answer.

    God...maker of the universe, shoveler of coal into the sun's furnace.

  • JaniceA

    Time indefinite contrasted with eternity for me at a young age. I knew what indefinite was! I always had my bred in indoctrination vying with my curiosity about what the bible actual said and What we knew about how the world worked. It never added up. It always required magical thinking and that was a whole conundrum in itself.

  • Jayk

    Uranium formed during supernovas(theres a bit more to it). It's important because when we study the decay of uranium and we can figure out roughly how old the earth is.

  • EverApostate

    Jah would replace our sun with a new one - when it depletes - in another 4.5 Billion years.

    Just hang on as JWs, to witness that in your eternal life.

  • nicolaou

    I remember one sister in my old cong' who refused to accept that the Sun was a star.

    "The sun is the sun and the stars are the stars. Jehovah made one for the day and the others for the night. They're different."

  • Vidiot

    Didn't you guys know?

    Everything in the Bible is literal!

    (Except when it isn't, and even then...)

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