"Having Too Much Knowledge Is Not A Good Thing"

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  • minimus

    My mother gave me a few of the this year's latest magazines. She asked me, today, if I read the article about the "wonderful illustration of how a pregnant woman , over 9 months, becomes more aware of the baby that's within her" and how the cry of "Peace and security and then sudden destruction" is maybe a prophecy being fulfilled. I replied, "Yeah, so. Big deal. That doesn't PROVE anything.".......She said something to the effect that I don't understand things anymore......I guess----having too much knowledge is really not a good thing, huh?

  • blondie

    Not a good analogy because women have false labor and false starts. Many a woman has gone home from the hospital to wait a little longer.

    Maybe there still is a connection

    1914 false labor

    1925 false labor

    1975 false labor

    1984 false labor

    1994 false labor

    2000 false labor

    2005 ????(1935-2005 70 years)

    2014 ????(1914-2014 100 years)

    2034 ????(1914-2034 120 years--Noah)


  • minimus

    Most of the "Biblical chronology" has a 4 at the end of it. So 2005 is nothing to worry about but 2004 could be something!

  • Special K
    Special K

    Hi min,..

    Isn't that Blondie a quick thinker.. she just brightens my day with her posts...

    She is always.."right on the ball"..


    Special K

  • crinklestein
    "Much like the elder who told a friend to "leave the researching of JW history alone".

    I had a friend of mine that was told by an elder to not investigate WTS history. An elderly couple had all of the old original books and magazine and he was reading them and questioning why certain things were different then than they are now. The elder told him they didn't fully have Jehovah's light like they do now and not to read it anymore. I questioned the elder that if it wasn't good to read it then why is good that they still KEEP THE BOOKS!? No answer was given.

  • stillajwexelder

    I questioned the elder that if it wasn't good to read it then why is good that they still KEEP THE BOOKS! -- in the library at KHs and in Bethel ? No answer was given.

    Sometimes if one keeps the questions very simple and use devestatingly simple logic --it might just make that elder think. I think it somewhere says in the scriptures about the power of the simple things

  • metatron

    Do the corrupt Theocrats ever recall a scripture they used to quote?

    "Make sure of all things, hold fast to what is fine"?

    Funny how, "making sure" isn't supposed to apply to them.


  • minimus

    "Reasoning from the Scriptures" replace the old "Make Sure" book. "Scriptures" is code for Watchtower literature.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    I keep a 10 year rolling schedule with all of the org's publications. My husband hasn't even noticed all the old stuff I've thrown out in the garbage already!


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