"Having Too Much Knowledge Is Not A Good Thing"

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  • minimus

    So said my mother about my research of the Bible and the Society's publications. I read "too much", especially because it's information that imperfect men thought was correct that came from Jehovah, "but they were wrong."

  • freedom96

    Knowledge is great, but what we do with that knowledge is wisdom.

    I am eager to learn, and then apply it to my life.

  • hurt

    Much like the elder who told a friend to "leave the researching of JW history alone".


  • JH

    The truth should be simple and not complicated like they put it. They require too much knowledge in order to be saved. Having too many magazines and books to read is not good. Finally, they all become old light, and worthless.

    What comes from the heart is better than knowledge.

  • Granny Linda
    Granny Linda

    HUmmmmm. We won't always like what we find perhaps, but knowledge is a wonderful thing. I cannot encourage my grandchildren enough when it comes to learning how to be open minded about everything, and anything. Question, question, question. And then, question some more. Take what seems beneficial at the moment knowing it's ok too change your mind down the road.

    I just remembered a conversation the other day with an older man who was sharing how he used to be so "black OR white" in his approach to life. The company even sent him to classes in hopes of loosing him up a bit. Made me think of my JW days. My one BIL told me years ago that's how I was. But there is alot of gray matter too deal with. For myself it's about finding a balance with any new found knowledge. And of course when it comes to politics...same, same. What we may be told at the public level is just not the way it was/is. So digging for "knowledge" can take on a whole new adventure in learning.

    Love ya'll


  • minimus

    If you "seek knowlege" as the Proverbs tells you to do, you will get disfellowshipped!

  • topanga

    knowledge can save you. but apart from applying it to membership in a religious cult.

    think about your day to day life. how to cope with the permission of wickedness, how

    to get the most out of your existence. how best to gain true friends and be esteemed by worthy people.

    how can you do this if you are in the wrong organization, whose only goal is to use you, to get you to

    give up your own persuits and individuality and opportunities in life just so you can serve them? wash their

    clothes give roomservice sell their products and make them rich while you get nothing in return.

    They know that the more wisdom and knowledge you gain the more likely you will see through them

    and their free ride at your expense is over.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    I read "too much",

    Stuff cotton balls in your ears to keep the knowledge from leaking out.

  • Guest 77
  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    When I was born, there was a tag attached to my ankle and it read, "Subject To Change".

    Guest 77

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