"Having Too Much Knowledge Is Not A Good Thing"

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  • minimus

    Guest, they want you to stay as babies. Once you mature, you're either pure or rotten. The more you know, the more dangerous you might be.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    They produce many books but I dont think they expect anyone to truly read them and ponder what they are reading. They expect their readers to reinforce the basic tenets such as "Christs kingdom was installed in the heavens in 1914"...."This good news of the Kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth"....and they expect the readers to be programmed to respond to the repeated slogans ....."now is the especially acceptable time"...."keep on the watch"...Whatever this weeks slogan is.

  • minimus

    Refiners, GOOD POINT! They don't want you to read with a sense of geeting deep in study. Just learn this month's new slogan.

  • Maverick

    The J-dud Masters tell you to 'study' and put their BS down into your heart, but not too deep, because new light may dawn and you will be left behind if you fail to keep pace, ( unload the last crap with the undated crap)! My ex used to tell me she wished I was a little less smart. Then I wouldn't have caught her cheatin'. Maverick

  • minimus

    The more knowledge you have, the more you are a threat to "Jehovah's Organization".

  • gumby

    A few days ago I was reading an old watchtower article that was talking about our studying and being fed.

    The article basically said that Publishers ......DO NOT NEED TO RE-SEARCH. Why?

    It went on to say that the re-search had ALREADY BEEN DONE ! The faithful slave has spent countless hours doing this for us ......hence saving us much time.

    I would say by far, the average dub wouldn't do much re-search even if it wasn't discouraged........they can'y keep up with what they are supposed to study anyways.


  • minimus

    Why research when it's already been done for you??? What's the matter? You don't trust us??? If you tell anybody you're doing some research on what one of the publications says, you would be given that look that says, "oh, oh, I think I'm gonna have to call an elder pretty soon."

  • rocketman

    Exactly. Too much digging is frowned upon. Also feared are people who take initiatives, those who become well-educated, etc.

    If a jw went up to an elder and said, you know, I've been doing some research on the possibilty that Jerusalem may have been destroyed in 587/86 by the Babylonians, and a red flag would likely be raised.

  • minimus

    Most of the elders that I know would seriously wonder why anyone would come to that conclusion. The new generation of JW's are given condensed versions of what we believe and are expected to just accept the "slave's" pablum. No explanation and in depth coverage is provided for the reader. All you can get now is, "Believe us. We know what we're talking about". And if you think something just could be wrong, you are labeled a "doubter, a wave of the sea....Let not that man suppose he will recieve ANYTHING from Jehovah. He is an indecisive man, unsteady in all his ways".

  • minimus

    I think I left my poor mom with a brain cramp this afternoon. My brother and SIL were visiting her house this afternoon and she was commenting on today's public talk. When I said, "Well, that's what they say today. Next week it could be different", she got somewhat disturbed. The funny thing is my SIL kept agreeing with me and my brother generally agreed with my observations about the interpetation of the Society..............My poor mother.

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