Burial or Cremation?

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  • xjw_b12

    If the post Francois is referring to is the one where Jessika wnet to a grave site to pay her respects. that post touched a nerve with me as well.

    I have always considered burial when I was a lad, have changed my mind to cremation, now that I am older, and to have my ashes spinkled at the top of my favourite hiking trail on the north of Lake Superior.

    freedom96 said:

    I suppose I would choose to be buried, if only for the fact that loved ones could have a place to come to talk.

    I feel that way as well, but there is a funeral home here, that plants a tree with a plaque in your memory. That would be nice.

    xjw_b12 of the " I don't like death threads " class.

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