Burial or Cremation?

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  • Francois

    I got the idea for this thread from one Jessika posted and which contained a response from Dede.

    Which form of final resting place do you prefer and why? Personally, I want to be cremated and have my ashes scattered at a particular place on the beach on deserted St. Catherine's Island, a barrier island on the Georgia coast. My children could get there by boat (the only way) and visit my spirit there - even though I know my spirit won't be there, I believe that somehow I will know they're there and what they're saying.

    Being buried in a box six feet under to lie in the same position througout all eternity doesn't appeal to me in the least. I want my remains to be out in the sunshine and wind close to my favorite fishing spot.

    What's your ideas?


  • gitasatsangha

    cremated, returned to the elements, as long as someone double checks to make sure I'm really dead!

  • StinkyPantz

    I want to be frozen, but only if they perfect the process. Other than that, I prefer to be buried. Why? I don't like the idea of my body being burnt to ashes; I don't know why. Suppose a week after I die they figure out how to safely revive the dead, but it's too late for me because I'm nothing but a pile of ashes?

  • teenyuck


    Seems to be a trend in our family. All my mother's relatives have been creamated and then they bury the ashes (makes no sense)

    My dad had a full funeral with an open casket. Then they creamated him. Again, why go through all that? It was horrifying seeing him laying in his Chicago Bears sweater, only to know that it and he would be creamated. He looked like a plastic doll. Incidentally, I don't know what happened to his ashes. His son (who lived with him; the pyro-nut who just got out of juvenile lock up) took them and my dad's sister cannot get ahold of him to see. My dad wanted to be scattered over Lake Michigan, near Soldier Stadium.

    I don't want that. No open anything. Creamate me and have a party and remember the good times. Then scatter my ashes in the woods somewhere peaceful.

  • Robdar

    Well, I was all for cremation until I read Stinkypantz post. But, I guess I'll still choose cremation. When I'm dead, I don't think that I will want to have my peace disturbed by a bunch of know it all scientists trying to disrupt the order of nature.


  • rocketman

    To quote Commander Riker in the movie Star trek:Generations - "I don't know about you, but I plan to live forever".

  • rocketman

    Of course, since I'm not Riker, I'll have to make a choice: Burial. A nice service with Elton John's Funneral For A Friend followed by Cat Steven's Morning Has Broken playing over the PA system.

  • nowisee

    to me it makes no difference at all. the deciding factor would be what would be of most comfort to my loved ones left behind.

    my father's family were all cremated, my mother's were all buried. though i visit my maternal grandparent's graves from time to time it is no more or less comforting than those who were cremated.

    as one who has participated in a cadaver lab, i have often thought of donating my body to science or a med school where it might really do someone some good.


  • blondie


    Less expensive

    No viewing of the body in an expensive casket (If you want to see me, do it now while I'm alive, is my motto)

    Our researching all this has convinced several family members to also go with cremation (put it in their wills and everything).

    It is good to spell out all your wishes for your funeral so the family members that have to implement them will have something in writing and will have less hassle from the other family members.


  • teenyuck
    as one who has participated in a cadaver lab, i have often thought of donating my body to science or a med school where it might really do someone some good.

    That is a good point. I do want to donate my organs. I signed up through the DMV here. I also told my husband and he agreed.

    I asked my mother (for fun of course--) if she wants to donate her organs.....total silence. She knew that I knew she wouldn't and I was just trying to get her goat (which I was--)

    She finally said no. It would be against Jehovah.

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