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  • DJ

    There's an open invitation to all who would like to attend the annual convention in the mountains of Pennsylvania for xjw's! It books rather quickly and will be held on October 17-19th, Fri.- Sun. There are accomodations on the grounds of the Blue Mountain Christian Retreat and they are very inexpensive. Many xjw's attend and they come from around the world. There are testimonies on Friday morning from the crowd, telling about their experience as a jw and how they have been freed from them and recognize Christ as their only savior. There are lots of books about experiences in the watchtower and tapes, etc. After the testimonies, there are speakers who give lots of insightful info. about the borg and tell their personal experiences, etc. There is music and food. You will meet mainly xjw's but also xmormons and others who have been in cults and are now free. There are helpful teachings about witnessing to jw's. It's a great time and a very moving experience for all. It was started in the 70's? by a woman named Joan Cetnar who was a jw and left after many years with her husband Bill. They were shunned of course, and Joan lost her position as heiress to her family's fortune. She has lovingly committed herself to this convention every year to help others. Everyone who would like to attend this year would be smart to book in advance. You can find more info at Joan's site here and you can find info about Blue Mountain Christian Retreat here

  • DocBob

    This conference is a high point of my year

  • rocketman

    I checked the pfo website. I don't buy into their teachings either.

  • LeslieV

    I have to agree with Rocketman on this one. Sounds like the same old, same old to me. Had enough as a JW don't buy into this either. JMO


  • Eyebrow2

    leaving the JW religion does not mean one has accepted Christ...but it is good that people here post this information for those that have.

  • DJ

    You are not being ordered to go, people. It is some info posted for those who would like to attend. Be nice. The personal beliefs of Joan Cetnar are not required for others. It is merely a gathering of xjw's who love Jesus more than the watchtower. Please try not to be so rude. This happens every year when someone posts the info for those who are interested. If you don't want to accept Jesus as your Saviour, you are not being made to do so. please try to be considerate of the many posters here who do attend. Thanks. dj

  • mouthy


  • Brummie

    If I lived in the USA I wouldnt miss this for gold! I went in 1998 and gee it blew me away! There are quite a few there who dont accept Christianity, they enjoy it just as much as the rest. Until you have been you cant grasp the strength that one finds when up to 500+ people get together and expose the WT, whether that be Biblically, by examining its history or the mental manipulation or by hearing the powerful stories of those who have got out of the Watchtower.

    I'd be there every year if I could afford the plane.


  • pamkw

    I went a few years ago, and it was okay. The resort is beautiful, but I really didn't like the convention itself. Too many tables selling stuff, and to much preachy, preachy. Plus all the exjw ministries were fighting amoung themselves about the trinity of all things. I would never go again.

    Been there done that, never going back.


  • unbeliever
    It is merely a gathering of xjw's who love Jesus more than the watchtower.

    Well that excludes me. I don't have love for either of them.

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