ALERT--ALERT--Randys Got Watchtower On Tape--Backing Bush! Money Laundering

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  • Abaddon

    Voyager; at this precise moment in time you are acting as your own worst enemy;

    "I guess some of the above replies are from rank and file."

    Yeah, like you've been posting here soooo long you know this. So, minimus is rank and file? Rank sometimes, maybe, but you are so wrong it actually makes you look bad.

    If you don't like people disagreeing with you, bog off back to the Borg UNLESS you can provide clear proof that you are right.

    So far, so speculation, as far as the topic you posted goes.

  • Gamaliel


    I'm very sorry this thread so quickly degraded, but I wish to respond because of the implication that Randy's site is being trashed. You said:

    This is truely all we need, people trashing Free Minds. It is quite clear that these people have not done their research.

    I don’t trash Free Minds, I think it’s one of the top ex-JW sites out there. I’m glad Randy has found the time, energy and money to continue it so well for so long. "God bless him!"

    The recording still serves a purpose. To me the recording shows that the WTS is willing to accept money from anyone for whatever purpose as long as they can still, at least loosely, tie it to the fund purpose for which they are collecting. It may open the eyes of JWs to see just how sloppy the WTS was. Most JWs would probably have expected the WTS to question the donation and not accept it. Although I think the person offering the money can be seen to be a bit devious in his attempt to entrap the WTS, many JWs would still have expected the WTS to be guided by Holy Spirit to the extent that they would not have been fooled.

    The meaning that you have invested in the recording may very well turn out to be true, but it is not derived from the recording itself. Perhaps it will be valuable as circumstantial evidence if more direct evidence shows up. My negative reaction only spoke to what I thought were exaggerations in your title. I was disappointed. I’m afraid that this type of promotion (whether the claims are true or not) will more probably make it look like exJWs are so desparate that they will grasp at conspiracy theories and other "straws."


  • gitasatsangha

    Gamaliel, I agree.

    Voyager, your initial post was misleading. Thanks for the link just the same. You can't find a smoking gun every day.

  • Dogpatch

    Hi all,

    I do not consider any comments here to be a "trashing" of Free Minds, so no worries. It is one approach/view of others to the matter which will have some documentation to follow in a couple of weeks or so. It is interesting nevertheless. An angle I hadn't been aware of before. :-))

    Randy Watters

    Net Soup!

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    Interesting tape but all heresay and not enough evidence to link the Watchtower with any political ties.


  • gcc2k

    Weak. Pretty bad attempt at entrapment. All I heard was that one person acknowledged the $5 for the Holocaust fund. They probably figured that only a weirdo would send $5 attempting to split it several ways. There is no direct or even implied conspiracy here.

    I also hear several flaws:

    - How did he email the WT when the WT site clearly says they only answer in letters?

    - How did he verify that "they cashed the money order" when there is, to my knowledge, no way of checking this, since in most cases money orders are equivalent to cash?

    Reminds me of the movie "Better Off Dead". "I want my two dollars!" Better acting in that movie though. You have Christmas in France, don't you? You know, CHRISTMAS. But I digress.

    Randy was a Bethelite? Not exactly the greatest speaker I've ever heard, not even at the congregation level.

    Sorry, I buy the UN story but not this.

  • Gamaliel

    BTW, it keeps getting hinted at, but this isn't Randy. He just put it up on his site.


  • gcc2k

    In the past, it was thought that Randy was the voice on the tape. But was this the case? Some have alleged, no no, it was understood that, this was the voice. However, clearly new light has indicated this should no longer be our thinking on the matter.

    (In other words, apologies to Randy for the insinuation).

  • DevonMcBride

    Politics is not my cup of tea but if the Watchtower made a political donation, wouldn't this be on public record somewhere?


  • Dogpatch

    Sorry folks, I don't have time yet to put up the supporting documentation on this due to my work load and the upcoming Free Minds Journal. I put the audio part up early early and someone asked if they could post it. Why not let the thread die and I'll let you know when the documentation is up. Then you can flame me or the authors. :-))


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