ALERT--ALERT--Randys Got Watchtower On Tape--Backing Bush! Money Laundering

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  • Voyager

    Hi Everybody:

    Here is the thread you need:

    Watchtower admits, from the Watchtower's treasurers office, to backing Bush, and engaging in Political, Military, and Government programs. Laundering money through their Holocaust Fund. Spread the word, if you had any doubts before, then get it from the Watchtower's own mouth. It's all on tape. Tell all Jehovah's Witnesses that they should here this admission.

  • minimus

    I listened to the first 5 minutes of this tape. I heard nothing but assumptions from this guy that the WT.'s backing Bush.

  • be wise
    be wise

    Me too. I didn't take too kindly to his watchtowery monotone voice either. It never worked for me before.

  • Voyager

    I guess some of the above replies are from rank and file. Stll doubting, still refusing to accept the facts. The blind leading the blind.

  • Gamaliel

    The guy doing the recording was quite aware of his own need to be a bit dishonest in his attempt at entrapment. The WTS is very practiced at taking all money directed at them WITHOUT making any admissions about what they will use it for. They talk to people all the time that they consider to be "nutty" and the WTS merely filters out the extraneous words. It must have been frustrating to know that he couldn't get a direct admission from the WTS and therefore he had to try to put the words in their mouth. Sounded like the WTS went for the bait, and managed to grab it ($7,fwiw) without getting hooked.

    Sorry, to me it seemed like a clever attempt -- but non-eventful.


  • Robdar

    How is accepting donations for the Armenian fund considered to be money laundering? Maybe I missed something but I don't see the connection. Here is the definition of money laundering:

    Money laundering occurs when illegal income is made to appear as if it came from a legitimate source in order to avoid suspicion from the government. By using money laundering criminals are able to create a front for their illegal activities. Criminals want to move the money so that investigators cannot follow it and trace it back to illegal acts.

    I was not impressed with this tape at all and I can assure you, Voyager, that I am not a member of the rank and file. Nor am I refusing to see facts. I just want some proof. I heard no proof on this tape.


  • Voyager

    Do you really think Randy just put on world wide just to waste air space? Come on, read between the lines, Iam just passing on the info, you can take or leave it.

  • Voyager

    This is truely all we need, people trashing Free Minds. It is quite clear that these people have not done their research. Why don't they look in the Watchtower and Awakes themselves to see the Watchtower's admission to the Swedish Government program, called the Living History Project? Why don't they go to alerts to see Jehovah's Witnesses listed as a NGO? Why don't they take the time to review the membership criteria for Holocaust taskforce members? It is written in black and white that the holocaust program is listed as a (Voters Educational Holocaust Program) and the Watchtower is neck deep in it! Who do they think the Watchtower is helping in the Holocaust voters program, if it is not Bush? Bush is big on war, and the Watchtower's war technology programs are being assisted with these kind of promotions. The people trashing Free Minds are really in need of some help! If the Watchtower were to walk up to them and admit these facts to their face, they wouldn't believe them! But now, we have their names on the page; we will know in the future who these ones are that trash Free Minds and all the hard work Randy does to protect and present the truth. If this site is going to condone this conduct, then I want nothing more to do with it! It is not worthy of our time! The tape in question is making waves elsewhere! A good indication that there are others who do appreciate Randy! People with no appreciation for the truth remind me of the Pharisees!

  • Gopher

    How does raising a question about the authenticity of ONE entry in Randy's site mean anyone here is trashing all of freeminds?

    Voyager, you are plain wrong to imply that any of the other posters on this page are of the rank-and-file JW. Instead, they have by INDEPENDENT THINKING evaluated the tape (or portions thereof) and found that it didn't amount to what the headline said.

    By your saying everyone ought to get in line and agree that this tape is some sort of smoking gun, sounds like what a JW elder-in-charge would do.

    Whether or not this tape is the real deal, many people (myself included) came first to Randy's freeminds site and learned a lot, and then came here because of the link between sites. And you know what, I have in multiple posts thanked Randy for the work he did and is doing.

    Please re-evaluate what you're saying, because everything isn't so "black and white".

  • Pleasuredome

    basicaly we can see what the WTS is doing, is using these political progammes to rake in the money. the WTS guy knew what randy was saying when he mentioned the donation 'for the political, military and government programmes', as he said said '..yes the holocaust fund'. not enough proof in my opinion, but obvious nonetheless.

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