Something for france to think about

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  • Xena

    lol you missed my point but why am I not suprised....I never ceased to be amazed at how one track minded some people can and generalize...don't even get me started....

    OUTTA HERE....have fun with your war/peace/I hate America threads..and when you find yourself talking to yourself and wonder where everyone has what I said again and maybe you might but probably not..

  • mattnoel

    Sorry Realist, I am entitled to my own opinion - are we going back to the JW thinking here where we cant say what we think ? Sorry I for one speak my mind. Being so close to France I have had a lot of dealings with them, personally I dont like them and their attitude. But I certainly am not going to get into an argument about it and turn the whole point of the thread around - I have made my point.

  • crinklestein

    The thing I thought was funny about the whole France and war thing is that they have such a VERY long history of either losing very badly in a war or just flat out running away from war. Ever hear the term "rifle droppers"?

    I just loved how, at the beginning of this conflict France was originally showing support for our efforts to kill Saddam and wanted to help us. And I was thinking to myself, How is it that France is going to help us get Saddam out of Iraq when they wouldn't even help us get Hitler...OUT OF FRANCE!!!??? And tyrant was in their own country and they were too cowardly to help us then.

    But it just boils down to the fact that they want all the spoils from the game without ever putting in their ante.

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