WOOHOO!!! The Detroit Turkey Wings were swept by the Walt Disney Ducks!!!!

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  • Gopher

    Hey Jourles and Charmed --

    I hope you haven't overlooked the MINNESOTA WILD. It appears that the Wild have halted the Avalanche's momentum! Game 7 tomorrow night in Denver will decide the series. Pressure's on, Avalanche fans!! (Go Marian Gaborik!!)

    Park Scores Twice; Gaborik Three Points
    The Minnesota Wild defeated the Colorado Avalanche 3-2 in OT to force a decisive Game Seven Tuesday night. Richard Park scored twice, including the game-winner in OT. Marian Gaborik scored and assisted on both goals. Fernandez made 22 saves.

  • Jourles

    Yeah yeah yeah. You have to admit, the Avs put up some serious offensive play in the last 3 minutes to send it into OT. EVEN I thought they were going down with the little amount of time left. I couldn't believe the noise level in that arena. Whew! LOUD.

    Not to worry though. The Avs have a pretty good record going into a game 7 situation at home. The Denver fans will make sure they eclipse anything the Wild fans put out. I wouldn't want to be wearing a Wild jersey in Lodo Denver tomorrow evening....

  • Gopher

    If the Wild score first again, that will quite the crowd at the second-most-popular-brand-cola center. Goaltender Manny Fernandez has been spectacular and should keep the game close.

    Why did the Avs wait till the last 3 minutes to put on serious offensive pressure? Why do they always let down after taking a 3-1 series lead, even against an expansion team? (Remember the L.A. Kings??) Well at least they didn't wilt like the Dead Wings did against the Mighty Ducks.

    No matter the outcome tomorrow night, I will be proud of the effort that the Minnesota Wild put into this series. They have proven a worthy playoff contender.

    Jacques Lemaire: coach of the year, anyone?

  • Aztec

    Ahem Jourles..."The Avs have a pretty good record going into a game 7 situation at home." Like last year in the Western conference finals? LOL! :p Go Leafs and Go Wild! :D ~Aztec

  • ashitaka

    The leafs and the flyers played a helluva game last night. It was such an awesome battle. Even though my fly-boys lost, I loved the game anyway. We just got tired out.



  • xjw_b12


    Even though my fly-boys lost, I loved the game anyway. We just got tired out.

    I think Cechmanuk, looked the tiredest of all. Throwing his stick around, flopping all over the ice, like there were marbles under his feet. Reminds me of Eddie Giacomin , goaltender for the Rangers way back when. The solution for a goalie who can't stay off his backside is tie a 3 foot rope around his neck to the crossbar. HAHAHAHAHA

    Good Luck.

  • crownboy

    Hey jourles, what happened to Colorado ?

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