WOOHOO!!! The Detroit Turkey Wings were swept by the Walt Disney Ducks!!!!

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  • Jourles
    Gee Jourles, thanks for mocking my pain! I really appreciate it! You're such a great guy! I suppose it never occured to you that I balled my eyes out last night. Oh yeah, that's right, you are a cold hearted Av's fan...big shocker there.

    Did you notice that I never brought up game seven of last season's championship match?(I may have cried during that game) I would say we're even. And no, it would not have occured to me that you cried over their loss. Afterall, it is just a game... I have been dinging the Turkey Wings simply because they are who the Avs lost to in the Cup final. It's not personal, it's just a game. And you must also take into consideration that I came from Colorado to Michigan. Michigan isn't my home state. Besides, my real hometown, San Diego, doesn't have a hockey team.....

    The only other team I will degrade from here on out will be whoever the Avs face in the final cup match. That's how sure I am that they are gonna go all the way.

    go Avs!

  • pr_capone

    NEW JERSEY DEVILS!!!!!!!!!


    Kansas District Overbeer

  • Aztec

    Well, Jourles we can still be friends even if you are a fan of the most annoying team on the planet. I promise to start a thread about the Colorado Assalanche getting booted when it happens.:p *Sigh* At least I still have the Pistons. Playoffs in the NBA start Sunday. :) ~Aztec

  • heathen

    You guys are clearly disillusioned . After the stars take care of the mighty schmucks we will be more than happy to take care of all opponents that challenge our destiny as cup bearers . Bring it on all who dare to face humiliation by the best hockey team that ever was . bwahahahahahahhahahahaha Go Dallas !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Uzzah


    Dallas is the best team ever???

    You mean historically? Nope that can't be it. They can't touch past glory teams like Edmonton, Montreal, Pittsburgh, Detroit, (sniff Toronto - 30 years ago).

    Or do you mean the best this year in Regular Season? Nope that can't be it either. That would be Ottawa who had the most points in regular season (as much as it pains me to type that).

    Or do you mean the best in that they swept their series in 4 straight wins? No that can't be it, that was the Devils and the Ducks who did that.

    So how exactly do you feel Dallas is "the best"?

    Uzzah - who is still proudly waving his Leaf's flag, wearing his Leafs Jersey and Leaf's cap but is less than confident right now about our chances to go all the way this year.

  • ashitaka
    Uzzah - who is still proudly waving his Leaf's flag, wearing his Leafs Jersey and Leaf's cap but is less than confident right now about our chances to go all the way this year.



  • Uzzah

    WOOO HOOO - Antropov may be back tonight!!!

    Great summary of what is facing the Leafs tonight... and Ash will be happy with the slight Flyers bias in the article.

  • heathen

    Uzzah-- You will see what I'm talking about once we are parading around with the cup down mainstreet Dallas again. Your leafs don't have a prayer the aves will go down like the titanic. We were playing edmonton with one hand tied behind our backs toying with them like when children use a magnifying glass to fry ants .buhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha ( evil laughter ) wooooooooohooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Go Dallas

  • crownboy

    GO RANGERS!!!!!

    (oh, wait a second....)

    GO DEVILS!!!! (gotta stay somewhat local )

  • Scully

    woooooohoooooooooooo....... Leafs WIN in Double OT........


    Love, Scully

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