WOOHOO!!! The Detroit Turkey Wings were swept by the Walt Disney Ducks!!!!

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  • Jourles

    What more can be said?

    Of course, Colorado is now only ONE game away from advancing. But we all know they are going to take the Cup this year anyways, as the picture below shows.....

  • Scully


    You have a death wish, don't you?

    Lord Stanley's Cup belongs to Canada this year, buddy.

    Love, Scully


    Uh-oh! I can't believe it, but the Detroit Red Wings were eliminated by the Anaheim Mighty Ducks.


    I'm so sorry to read this.

    Toronto got swipped in the 3rd overtime tonight by the Philadelphia Flyers, but it isn't over yet.

    We'll see how things go with Philadelphia; Toronto's notorious for pulling a series into 7 games. Nail biters, always!

    Scully's Ottawa Senators, you know...are a pretty damn good team. But, I'm loyal to my Toronto Maple Leafs.

    Sorry Aztec, I am sure Detroit is feeling the dark cloud overhead today.

    Cheer for our Leafs, and you can be our honourary American mascot. You can drink all the Canadian beer you want, we're buying.

  • Scully

    RAYZORBLADE writes:

    Scully's Ottawa Senators, you know...are a pretty damn good team.

    The Sens may be "a pretty damn good team", but I hate them. While my Habs are sidelined, I am rooting for the Leafs.

    Love, Scully (Mary Mary quite contrary Class)

  • obiwan

    Let's go dead wings.....Let's go dead wings....Let's go dead wings!

  • Seven

    Jourles, You're too funny!! The closest the Avholes are going to get to handling a cup this year is when they adjust the ones covering their dongs. Best of luck anyhow.

    GO LEAFS! <-----For the RCM and Michael GO CAPS!<------For Auntie



  • ashitaka



  • Charmed

    Go Avalanche!!

  • Aztec

    Gee Jourles, thanks for mocking my pain! I really appreciate it! You're such a great guy! I suppose it never occured to you that I balled my eyes out last night. Oh yeah, that's right, you are a cold hearted Av's fan...big shocker there. Ray, thank you! I am wearing blue and white right now. Go Leafs and anyone playing the Av's.:p Thanks Seven! :) I am going to be fine though, I am embarrased as hell by my Wings. I say Go Pistons! :) ~Aztec

  • heathen

    ROTFLMAO at the wings . Everyone knows the stars are winning the cup this year. Gooooooooo Dallas wooohooooo

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