Do You Remember the Day of Your Baptism?

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  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    It was a dark and stormy night.

    The water was cold. I was only 11 so I didn't worry about shrinkage.

    Before dunking me under, the portly gentlemen to whom soap was only a concept said, "Truth is light. Life's light. Which is flushing your life away by selling as many books and magazines as you can and blowing kisses to elders driving BMWs before toddling off to be a window washer."

    That night I got wasted on Oreos and chocolate milk while watching Richard Nixon and Nancy Reagan sing "I Just Want To Be Your Everything" on Dance Fever.

    Then I turned 12.

  • minimus

    Big Tex, that was beautiful. I think I want to cry.

  • Charmed

    I was baptized when I was 18. It was Sept. 27, 1997, and I remember as they were asking us the questions right before hand when you answer YES, I was thinking, “Okay, I will be good from this day on. I’m going to stop getting crushes on worldly boys. Three months later I had my first kiss, with a worldly guy…who is now my husband. My family was sure that since I had just gotten baptized this relationship was evidence that Satan was attacking me. Whatever!

  • minimus

    WOW, Charmed! You married the first "worldly" boy that you kissed!.....That's cool. I'll bet you disappointed alot of people.

  • liquidsky

    I don't remember the exact date, but I was 14 and it was in october? 1990?. I sooo wasn't ready. I only got babtised because my older sister was also getting babtised and I looked up to her. I had a worldy boyfriend at the time too.

  • ballistic

    After answering "YES" to the three baptism questions they ask you just prior to being dunked, I felt kind of mesmorised until after the baptism. It was kinda weird. Someone even had to tell me to go and do it, as I just stood their like a zombie.

  • Soledad

    It was either July 23rd or 24th, 1988 I was 13. Orchard Beach. 588 got dunked that day. It was also unusually cool that day, very unusual for NYC in July. My mother's first words to me after I came out of the water: "your legs look really fat." notice how I remember that stupid comment and not the exact day of my baptism LOL!!!

  • blondie

    No one I knew was at my baptism, not family or friends (what few I had). It was a huge assembly and the logistics of transporting us to the water separated me from the family that were with me. I was baptized with over 600 people. I was a teenager living in a divided household with an abusive father. I was looking for a better relationship with my heavenly father. Leaving home was a more healing event.


  • sandy
    My mother's first words to me after I came out of the water: "your legs look really fat."

    Mothers can say very mean things. I hope this is the worst thing she ever said to you.

    My mother used to make stupid comments like that to me and my sisters, she still does from time to time.

    I hope you do not mind I found that to be a little humorous.

    Some mothers have an act for that kind of stuff.

  • Soledad

    Noooo I dont mind at all I now find it HILARIOUS when I think about it!!!

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