Do You Remember the Day of Your Baptism?

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  • minimus

    Your baptism date is supposed to be the most important time of your life. I was 9 years old when I took the plunge. I remember my baptism, mostly because, I was baptized twice. My feet poked thru the water the first time around. Other than that, I really don't remember much....Do you remember what happened on the most important day of your life?

  • Gopher

    I remember my baptism day, an autumn day when I was a lad of 16. I was so nervous and sick-to-my-stomach that I couldn't even eat breakfast. I got baptized at the shallow end of a high-school swimmming pool. I got a watch from my parents, and my mom took me to see Star Wars the next night.

    But the MOST IMPORTANT day of my life was the day the elders decided to disfellowship me. The only elder of the three who treated me humanely during the committee meeting, when I came back in and they told me their decision, told me "this is a new start for you". He didn't know how ironically true those words were.

    My disfellowshipping meeting buried me from the ways of the JW's, and I came up to a "new life" after I left the meeting. Eventually (within a few months) I came to fully understand the depth of my new freedom as contrasted with the slavery I'd once been in.

  • onacruse

    April 28, 1962; I was 10 years, 1 day old. I remember that day like yesterday. Dave Millman (the congregation servant) cross-examined me. I was certain, certain, certain. It was an outside portable pool, a typical sunny spring Los Angeles day.

    I've never regretted the commitment I made to God that day. The way I've grown over the last 40 years has significantly reshaped how I express that commitment, and how I perceive the "person" to whom I made that commitment...but the commitment remains. And whenever I breathe my DFd last breath, I'll be saying "I loved God, and showed it by loving my neighbor at least as much as I've loved myself."


  • freedom96

    I had to be baptized first before they let me marry the demon inside the hall. Don't remember it being very meaningful.

  • pr_capone

    I was baptized on Nov 16th of 1991. I was only 11 years old. I remember that I lost my way going to the swiming pool so I went through the crowd. I cut in front of everyone and was the first to be dunked. A "brother" from another hall dunked me... I dont quite remember his name. Anyhow, I remember that the water was FREEZING cold. There were 11 of us to be baptized that day. I remember everyone making stupid "did you forget your shampoo" jokes.

    Then, I was able to handle the mics again like I did in Puerto Rico. Looking back... 11 is WAY the hell to young and the WTBTS should know better than that.

    Kansas District Overbeer

  • greven
    Min: I was baptized twice. My feet poked thru the water the first time around. Other than that, I really don't remember much

    Exactly my case! funny!

    Oh, but I do remember not feeling any change and being diappointed over that. And I got presents: a watch and a few worldly books heheh I believe it was Tolkien...



    Yeah, I remember the day, but the exact date: no

    It was April 1981. I was 19 years of age.

    I remember thinking, then...that that day would be the 'best day of my life'.

    I remember there was just two of us. There was another man to be baptized. He went first. There was a crowd gathered around the makeshift tub. When the other fellow was baptized, people all around clapped.

    Then it was my turn. I remember looking around and seeing all these faces. Some I knew, and some that I didn't. I stepped down into the tub, and another elder helped me in. I was made to sit more or less 1/3 of the way down. I sat upright, with my legs straight out in front of me. An elder from the very first congregation, was going to be the one to baptize me.

    He said a few words, I held my nose, and I was dipped backwards. I went under, and then I came up from the water...and the sound of applause from the spectators.

    Truthfully, I honestly thought that right there and then, Jehovah's holy spirit would decend upon me and I'd be a truly different person. Honestly! Sad to say, it was no different afterwards, than it was before I was baptized.

    I was helped out of the tub, up and over the steps, and directed to the changeroom. The other brother, he was already changing. He was a nice guy, from the neighbouring congregation. He and I chatted, and I think we both wanted to be happy, but I know that I was feeling void of something.

    I got dryed off, dressed, and proceeded into the main auditorium, where there were a few people there to greet me. Not many, but a few. I received a card from someone, I remember that. I just walked about the assembly, and I felt somewhat numb. I smiled and thanked people for congratulating me, but I was not feeling any holy spirit or 'change' in my overall self.

    That night, I remember, I cried. Alone. I prayed to Jehovah for some strength and guidance. But that night was sad. I felt no change in myself, or any holy spirit present.

    The next day, Sunday, was no different. I was almost late for the assembly. But I managed to find a spot with minutes to spare.

    The assembly ended. I didn't feel any change throughout the day. I was more or less, feeling empty and confused. My expectations were dashed.

    But, I would guess to say, I was not alone in my feelings post-baptism.

    Imagine: 22 years ago this month. My DA/DF was 19 years ago this month as well. April certainly holds out to be the month of significance in my JW history.

    This April, I can say: I'm still free

  • lisavegas420

    Just like minimus and feet flew up and I was double dipped...

    freedon96 you said ..".....before they let me marry the demon inside the hall..." Are you married to my sister? Could you be my brother-in-law?

    I think I was 14 or 15. My dad was an elder he asked me the questions, and told me the answers to the questions. I only did it to make my parents happy. (didn't work) No presents or cards. I was congradulated and was told that demons would be after me.


  • NeonMadman

    July 11, 1969. I was 17. Very long, very hot bus ride from Yankee Stadium through cross-Bronx traffic to Orchard Beach. Standing all the way, since there were too many people on the bus. Got off the bus, went into changing area, changed into bathing suit. Walked into Long Island Sound with my friend, we both got dipped next to each other (haven't heard from him in many years, even before I left). There were scores of baptizers; almost 3000 dunked that day. The water felt great after the long, hot bus ride. Out of the water, back to the changing room, back into my suit. Long, hot bus ride back to the stadium. So long, in fact, that we were late for the afternoon session. Original version of the Kingdom Interlinear Translation was released at that session. That night, in the hotel room that I was sharing with 3 other guys, one of them said, "Well, your level of responsibility just increased about 100 times." A few years later, he was out of the org. Wish I had been that smart...

  • JH

    July 9th, 1988 Olympic Stadium, Montreal. Water temperature 80 F

    About 35,000 people in the 50,000 capacity stadium watching.

    That date is easy to remember cause I pay my yearly car insurance on that date also.

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