At last!

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  • outnfree

    Hey, leddfoot!

    (You don't happen to work at SHAP, do you? ;) )

    WELCOME!! ~ I'm in Michigan, too, and we have fairly regular ex-JW MeetUps. Contact me at [email protected] and put your JWD ID in the subject line and I'll add you to our back-channel mailing list.


  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Greetings LF. Just hang your hat and enjoy the 'mix' company the Bible foretold.

    Guest 77.

  • Mystery


    I have already been surprised at all i have/am learning.

  • freedom96

    Welcome at last to the board!

  • riz

    welcome aboard, leddfoot i've been out for 7 years, too!

    i only miss one thing about being a witness. the cheese danish.

  • leddfootdja

    OMFG Riz-too funny. I forgot about those! They were awesome.

    I loved the muffin breakfast sandwiches too. Come to think of it, the pudding was addictive as well!

  • riz

    mmmm yes. vanilla pudding and frozen oj. those things almost made up for three days' worth of Bleacher Butt Syndrome.

  • Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.
    Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.


    I hope you can cope with rejection (I guess the fact you're DF'd is a help) 'cause you'll find plenty of it here. Everyone hates everyone else. Including me

    And I used to believe everyone loved cheeses.

    Anyway - WELCOME, WELCOME, WELCOME, pleased to meet you.

  • dmouse


  • lost_and_searching

    From another "Newbie".....Big Hugs of WELCOME!!!

    Speaking for myself, I just wish I had found this place sooner! This is the first time in my life I haven't felt alone concerning my feelings towards JWs. (I was born into the org 42 years ago, but made my escape when I married my wild Catholic husband 22 years ago.) My parents and sister still have not given up hope that I will return to the fold someday. But even as a child and teen, I knew the JWs were NOT for me. Since I always held back from being baptised, the society couldn't DF me when I slowly left. Which has really helped me to be able to stay close to my family since there is no need to shun me.

    Anyway, this group has been such a source of joy and comfort to me. I come here daily to read times I have even posted questions that I had been needing answers to. NEVER have I felt that there wasn't someone "out there" listening to me...and sending me their support. I hope you find it as great as I have. (I am here now just to get inspired enough to go to Memorial tonight. I only do it to please my 79 year old mother, and it is getting harder every year. You know, if it wouldn't give my mom a heart attack, I would just take a big gulp from that 'ol goblet of wine!!! LOL! )

    Now, I just can't wait for the "powers that be" to get the function fixed that will allow me to add a picture and more info to my profile!!! It sounds like fun! And, I want to get involved, too!!!

    Happy Easter to all! ~Bobbi (who happily celebrates all the bunnies and eggs of the Pagan Fertility Season. heeheehee)

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