Ladies, I have something in my pocket

by Hamas 14 Replies latest jw friends

  • Hamas

    Its about 6 inches long

    Its got a head on it

    And It sends ya WILD

    Can you guess what it is ?!?!?

    A £10 NOTE !!!!

  • Dansk

    Hey Hamas,

    A tenner, eh! You've gotta be a Brit, then? The poor majority on this forum wouldn't know what a £10.00 note is! LOL

    Whereabouts are you? I'm in sunny Manchester.


  • cruzanheart

    Yes, but are you happy to see me?


  • safe4kids

    Wow! Note paper weighs 10 lbs over there???? Bet you guys were sure glad when emails came along. much do computers weigh in Britain?

    Dana (practicing her ignorant Merkin schtick...hehehehe)

  • Hamas

    Cruzanheart, I am very happy to see you lol

    Dansk, Im in sunny Leicester !!! Man is it hot today or what ?!?! Something has gone wrong with this British weather, we have been sunny for the last 3 weeks !!! I heard the temp is 25c today !!!

    Phew !!!!

    And yeh, £10 notes weigh a lot here !!

  • mattnoel

    Hamas - re your comment on the weather, I am in Kent - supposedly the hottest part of the country and DAMN was it hot ! what the hell is going on - it was snowing last week and now its like the middle of summer !

  • onacruse
    I heard the temp is 25c today

    Since when is temperature measured in dollars and cents???

    You Brits really need to catch up with technology and start measuring your things, all your things, according to proper American standards.


  • mattnoel

    Onacruse - hate to be the one to tell you but the UK is leading in Tech - because we are such a small country we are the test bed for Japans inventions, if it works here they then send it to america - hence the reason for us having such out this world cell phone that sing and dance, video you in the process and then send it to your friends.

    Must admit it is very annoying how we have to be so different from the US on temps and weights and stuff, its bad enough trying to remember wether the dime is bigger than the quarter let alone all the other stuff.

  • Country_Woman

    Craig, ....according to proper American standards. ??? since when is the old European standard worthless? Remember, it was Europe (Greece starting) with the great thinkers - and only beause there was so much space at your side of the ocean, that people-with-ideas went to that side....... But I agree, it is time that the UK is going to use the metric system (then it won't be necessary to calculate everything to find out what they are talking about ) Regards, country_woman

  • onacruse

    LOL w/ MattN and CW...

    Now, c'mon, you both know darn good and well as I do that the US invented the Farenheit/Centigrade/Kelsius scales, as well as the Metric Standards, and (thanks to Al Gore) the Internet????!!!!

    Oh, did I forget to mention Xmas?


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