Two witnesses witnessing to me.... LOL

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  • Vivamus

    Thanx Aunt Margriet, and thanx Imanaliento, you're right, altho I was baffled that they didn't came up with Rutherford's name when I asked who followed Russell...

    Francois, ahhhh, so that was the divine inspiration I was feeling.

  • truthseeker1

    I'd love for the dubs to call on me. I'd even think about starting a fake study. Question the hell out of everything they say. They wouldn't abandon a potent new dub, would they? Maybe every day, bring up a new question and see how long it will take for them to crack. Perhaps, discuss evolution and have them bring out their ole blue book, then I can do some research on their book and show them all the misquotes in their book. Could be fun

  • gumby

    Then I made a mistake, and blabbed out my mum was a witness, and stupidly told her name. Damn, that was a stupid mistake. The brothers promised me to come back next Wednesday, but I doubt it, since they do know my name now..... Hi Viv, I doubt they will remember her name or your unless they wrote it down. As far as them coming back......that's a wolf call. If they saw they were making no progress with you.....they won't be back. BTW.....good job! I'm glad to see your mum post......I was wondering how she was doing. Hi Country Woman! Gumby

  • Billygoat

    Viv, I'm so proud of you! *giggle* And I'm a little jealous! I've been away for 13 years - I WANT JWs to come to my house, but they don't.

  • ITguy

    You should've lit up a cigarette while talking to them, too.

  • nightwarrior

    Go Viv Go Viv Go Viv....

    You always bring a smile to my face, but this one has brought laughter LOL....go girl 1 Hour - wow, you must have been the only person at home today, so jws rubbing hands together and thinking good got one here.... oh but you brought them down good and proper. Well done...


    Mrs Nightwarrior

  • JT

    U - R - ONE - SICK - PUPPY



  • foreword

    If I ever move out of my area and witnesses show at my door, I would definitely play the fake study thing. I'd start it off as being a sure prospect...a sheep....even going to the hall a few times, make it last as long as I can....then tell them I was disfellowshipped.

    I can just imagine the look on their faces....

    I'm still waiting for my sherpherding call, and they know where I live, too. Maybe someday, I'll have my party too, but I doubt it.

  • Vivamus

    ((((Mrs. Nightwarrior))))

    SAM and Forword, yeah, the fake study thing would be fun. But I don't think I will be honored with another visit [what a shame ] cuz the youngest one already made up his mind that I was unworthy, like Gumby said, and I did blabbed out my own name and some people in that cong [I attended meetings of a cong outside my own area, which was a constend source of getting elders reproof while I was a witness] do know me. But who knows, with any luck they'll be back, lol.

    Thanx Billygoat.

    IT guy, believe me, I was wishing for one.

    A Sick Puppy, JT?! LMAO, Thanx!

  • beckyboop


    That's hilarious! They were probably ready to piss their pants because somebody at the door knew more than they did! It sounds like you handled that so good--and that's hard to do when they show up unexpectedly like that. And it's ok that you said your names--your mom doesn't seem to care and I doubt you do either.

    A few months after we moved into our new house last year, I saw a carload of jw's park and start making their rounds. Because of the windows on our place, I could see them make their way around our block, and come up a different side. They even moved their car and parked it right in front of my house, but NOBODY came to my door! I was preparing myself mentally over and over, and waiting and waiting--and noone came. It blew my mind! I was torn between disappointment and relief.

    Oh well, they probably wouldn't have liked the big Buddha sitting in our front hallway....anyway, loved your post (as usual), and looking forward to more posts that include your mom and aunt! (BTW, what was your email again? I forgot to write it down)


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