Two witnesses witnessing to me.... LOL

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  • Vivamus

    Aaaaargh!!! Guess who just stood at my door!!!! Two witnesses, two that DID NOT know me, and so I kept them on my doorstep for almost an hour, and one even got angry at me. And I told him that was not good for his blood pressure. LMAO. I asked about the weird stuff Russell wrote, asked them if they had read it ... which they hadn't. So I told about the pyramid and the Starsystem in which God lived. And said "And his successor ... what's his name? ..." I got two blank faces and pretended to think for a second and said "Rutherford!!, Shame on you! I know more about your religion than you people yourself!" Later on the conversation I mentioned the 40 kids that were torn apart by bears [damnit, couldn't find it in the bible] and said that for the life of me I couldn't understand that in light of Jesus' words regarding tolerance etc. Than the young brother [newbie, baptized a year ago] got really angry and walked out on me, but I called him back and told him that wasn't really fair of him. Criticism was praised in the bible and if he denied me criticism, what must I think of their religion? ... Oh my, I am too evil, its actually a bit cruel of me to pretend like this. But I do hope to have raised a couple of questions into their minds. Then I made a mistake, and blabbed out my mum was a witness, and stupidly told her name. Damn, that was a stupid mistake. The brothers promised me to come back next Wednesday, but I doubt it, since they do know my name now.....


    Vivamus, good job.

    Even if they realize who your Mom is, the fact is, you did get some words into their heads, and hopefully.....hopefully, have them questioning their faith and the organization that continues to blind them.

    Good for you!

  • greven


    Wish i was there!


  • Matty

    LOL! You are a Jehovah's Witness' worst nightmare! During the final months that I was going out on the ministry but also posting here I dreaded having someone like you on the other end of the door because I would find it difficult not to agree. The bears incident is in 2nd Kings 2:23-25 by the way. Anyway, people are so apathetic and are just too nice to Witnesses these days, let's encourage everyone to give Witnesses a good grilling on the doors - it's the loving thing to do!

  • Country_Woman

    Hi Viv,
    Never mind telling my name, I think I'm lost (for them) anyway, and most likely they think it too.
    You are really vengeous (I sead it before) LMAO.
    Don't think they will be back next week. They will tell in the hal they had a very interesting talk to somebody at the door and then they get a bucket with cold water over their head: Never go back to that wicked address anymore......
    regards, Country_Woman

  • JH

    Good job Viv. You couldn't keep the truth to yourself and shared it. That's great.

    One hour? That's long...

  • Vivamus

    It was long JH! I was standing in the doorway, with the sun beaming on my face, and I definatly could have used a glass of water halfway through. So I did invite them in, but they declined....

    Mum, I'm glad you don't mind, I just babbed it out, and the minute I said your name I felt utterly stupid, I'm glad you don't mind.

    Oh boy, that whole talk was fun.

  • Aunt Margriet
    Aunt Margriet

    ahhhhhhhhh Wonderfull,maybe they will dream about you the coming night,Woooooh. Go on like this vivamus and the world will be a nicer place to live on. greetings aunt margriet.

  • BadJerry

    I don't think you were to evil, I think you were pretty sharp there Viv !

    It's funny how once we are on the outside we read up on more of the history of the cult than anybody in that place, it's like getting a whole "new light"

    from imanaliento

  • Francois

    Bet you didn't know that I was an angel sitting on your shoulder during the entire thing. You dun gud.


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