Can You Believe it's Been 10 Years Since the Waco Seige?

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  • IronGland
    BTW, are you familiar with Chemtrails? They were hot and heavy in the AZ skies, and even moreso here in this area of Colorado. Germ warfare perhaps? against the common man.

    This should be of interest to you

    Chemtrails are the least of our worries. They can ACTUALLY READ YOUR THOUGHTS. FEMA already has CONCENTRATION CAMPS set up to EXTERMINATE AMERICANS. Get you deflector beanie before its too late.

    Also, this man will help you live forever. Take Care.

  • Granny Linda
    Granny Linda

    IronG, thanks for the laugh. Humor is a good thing. I just love these cute faces.


  • Granny Linda
    Granny Linda

    Sorry, Tres. Thank you very much.


  • Pleasuredome
    Which also makes it Eight years since the Oklahoma City Bombing, which was motivated by the disaster at Waco.

    oh yer, wasnt that caused by the 'lone bomber' Lee Harvey Timothy McVeigh Bin Laden?

  • Cowboy

    Well said,Pleasuredome.


  • Valis

    Eh...I was sitting in Risky's BARBQ joint in Dallas' West End district when the ATF goons got bushwhacked going in that window...I was sitting there watching in disbelief that they would actually go into a room like that w/no clue..freakin cowboys thought they were going to go in and get it over with. I guess in the end they didn't count on the Davidians being as crazy and suicidal as they really were..Well I started laughing when I saw it...Eh...this is where it gets better...Risk'y was also the place where the Dallas branch of the FBI and ATF hung out and got of them was at the bar next to me and when I was laughing the conversation went something like this..

    FBI: What are you laughing at.

    Valis: I just think its stupid they would be there in the first place and to go in that room like that is just plain dumb.

    FBI: Yeah why is that?

    Valis: Why couldn't you just put a big fence around them and wait it out? What about the kids in there and the women that you know are going to get shot?

    FBI (Getting Angry): Yeah well you're a piece of shit!

    Valis (laughs some more): That's nice, maybe the ATF will come calling the next time you decide to believe in something crazy..

    FBI: Fuck you!

    At this point the bartender gets ready to kick me out for good, after all who wants to lose all that FBI business over some dirty hippie exercising free speech? He said I was eating too many free bar peanuts. Well, Special Agent in charge of the Dallas office (since retired) came in...I know Danny Defenbaugh and have had beers w/him several times..He made all the agents leave and they never came back to Risky's. I think he was trying to avert what surely would have been a call to the news from me if any of that had escalated. *Sighs* Now the only time I get to see Danny is on the news when he comes to consult for the talking heads.


    District Overbeer

  • CaptainSchmideo

    I don't get your point.

    Are you saying that more people than Tim McVeigh were involved in the bombing? I don't disagree there. You got Terry Nichols sitting in jail for life for his involvement, there is another bozo who cut a deal so he could take a lesser sentence. There were others too, but once again, the FBI f***ed up in a rush to judgement, and now we'll never know who all was involved.

    Are you disagreeing that the bombing was in retaliation for Waco? I really believe that the motivation to strike against this government building was mainly because of siege and burning at Mt Carmel. The date was significant, that's for sure.

    April seems to be a very bad month in the calendar, lately. Waco, Ruby Ridge, OKC, Columbine, Hitler's Birthday. Maybe there's some Illuminati connection as well.

  • Cowboy

    Yes,I think there were more involved...I have no doubt that on a personal level for McVeigh it was retaliation for Waco.But, I think there may have been more people involved,very possibly with other motivations.I guess now we'll never know.


  • DanTheMan

    At the time of the Waco siege, I was a newly baptized starry-eyed JW. I remember self-righteously thinking to myself how grateful I was that I had the truth and wasn't following a deluded self-appointed prophet like Koresh. LOL

    As far at the McVeigh thing goes, one good thing did come of it - it completely derailed the militia movement, a movement that had been thriving up until that time. IMHO it was a 'true-believer' movement if ever there was, a movement that undeniably fostered the radical, paranoid, seething hatred of all things governmental that McVeigh displayed.

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