Bill Bowen's visit to the Kingdom Hall Sunday

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  • Dogpatch

    Bill Bowen's visit to the Kingdom Hall:

    I went to the Meeting on Sunday because I wanted to
    hear the comments on the Watchtower Study, I knew that someone would say something about Dateline or the silentlambs, because the Watchtower article being studied is the March first issue that talked about the "slanderous media reports".

    First, the Public Talk:

    It was an impromtu Public Talk given by an Elder. It
    was about the neutrality issue, with some other things
    thrown in. Basically he was saying that Jehovah's
    Witnesses should not take up arms and fight in wars,
    and that at Armageddon JW's would not do any actual
    fighting, however, he did say that JW's will have to
    await instructions from the Watchtower Society, and
    the JW's may have to preach a condemnation message to
    the nations after Babylon the Great is destroyed. I
    guess basically the message would be "It's too late to
    repent -- you're all going to die, and there's nothing
    you can do about it!" Wow, that sounds like "good
    news" to me.

    Then he said that JW's should not pay attention to the
    news media's propaganda.

    He also made some comment about "having a job is not
    that important for JW's, as long as they are going out
    in service, Jehovah will provide for them." (Not the
    exact words, but pretty close)

    He went on to say that we don't want to be like "those
    people who some years back were stumbled because they
    were serving with a date in mind, and then when
    Armageddon didn't come, they fell away."

    I assume he was talking about 1975, or perhaps the
    Generation of 1914, but either way, the only reason
    they were serving with a date in mind is because the
    Watchtower Society told them to. The Watchtower
    Society puts the blame on the ones who were stumbled,
    instead of the ones who stumbled them.

    Then he said "What if you knew that the end of this
    system does not come for another 500 years, would you
    still serve Jehovah? Or would you slow down on meeting attendance or field service? JW's should not be serving with a date in mind."

    Now, on to the really interesting part -- THE

    The comments on Paragraphs 5-6 were most interesting.

    First, a Sister answered and said that JW's must NOT
    associate with apostates, OR with those who may become apostates, that are currently complaining about the Elders or the Society!

    THEN, the same Elder who gave the Public Talk,
    answered and said (THIS IS THE BIG ONE!):

    "It is not always apostates that spread lies about the
    JW's, sometimes it is the news media. For instance,
    recently there was a television show about child abuse
    in the Jehovah's Witnesses, and I can't remember the
    name of the show, but the news media itself really
    distorted the facts about Jehovah's Witnesses in that
    Program. It's like that old saying, 'believe nothing you
    hear, and only half of what you see.'"

    Net Soup!

  • Gopher

    Wow Randy. It sounds like that meeting was filled with a lot of love/concern for the outside world -- NOT !!

    During the first talk we're treated to that same old "the world's going to die a bloody death, and WE JW's will bring them the condemnation message right to their face!" I'll bet they can't wait to go tell everyone they're going to die because they're not J-dubs.

    Then the Watchtower study article tells us not to believe all these media reports. They must be distortions or outright lies, because the information on them was not WT Society-approved. But if those same media publish one scintilla of favorable publicity regarding the JW's, the JW's are all over it -- they can't wait to say "see even the outside world sees what good we're doing".

    It's a case of selective hearing -- such is the training the JW's get in terms of logic and discernment. Blind obedience is the expectation, and most JW's deliver that in abundance.


    Hey Randy,thanks for passing that along.Your a good man....WBTS still peddling the same old worthless crap..It`s all they`ve got...OUTLAW

  • cruzanheart
  • Matty

    Your icon pretty much says it all Nina, but I'll say some more anyway, because I'm like that!

    Same old monotonous rhetoric, very familiar stuff to me. You can clearly see in a Watchtower study how the Witnesses constantly try to reassure each other that they are doing the right thing and endeavour to impress the alpha males of the congregation in a "how holy am I?" contest. The brown-nosing is clearly accentuated here because of the presence of "the enemy". It's very sad that Witnesses are so blinkered in that the only thing that concerns them is what other Witnesses think of them, rather than the real truth of what is going on in their deeply flawed religion.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    The sociopathic leadership of the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society always blames the victims, not the perps. How do they keep "the organization" clean? By telling victims to shut up and move on with their lives.

    Nowadays they tell the public that "only God" can judge the hearts of men, but that sister's unchallenged comment - that JWs should avoid association with anyone who MIGHT be come apostate - reveals their constant judgement of those around them. As if they had a clue.

  • rocketman

    That sister's comment reinforces what I sometimes call "amplification" (for lack of a better word). Note how she takes it a step further, as Nathan Natas just mentioned. And as he also points out, she did so unchallenged.

    The WTS does not have to say certain things, because the brothers and sisters already to that for them.

    Another example is the wearing beards. They don't have to say don't wear them. It's already enforced as an unwritten rule.

    These people don't think for themselves. They are automotons who simply recite whatever is written in the paragraph, and if anything make it worse by making their own contribution to the prevailing group-think. There is a group-mentality enforcement, as it were, to everything printed there and then comments such as the one that sister made.

  • Tuesday

    I thought the "NOT" phrase was extinct, good to see it back in form. Then again I would hate to see it back in style.

  • minimus

    I have coined a new theocratic phrase: THE APOSTATE NEWS MEDIA.......It's all their fault.

  • nightwarrior

    Oh well reading that post and the comments about the Watchtower, all I know is that my mother will have had a field day in answering that question. And she will feel all righteous and woe is me all in the same breath. My mother is very ill, but you can bet your bottom dollar that she will have crawled to the KH just to answer in the Wt.

    Because now she has a daughter (moi) that she claims is an apostate, so she will be able to speak from experience and then she will get lots of sympathy after the meeting and feel all important.

    Cruzanheart your little cartoon says it all.....

    Mrs Nightwarrior

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