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  • Mimilly

    Weeellll dagnabbit I've missed this heeeere place As for the topic.. a non sequitur...

    I've been shunned, away and free for uh... umm.. oh heck, a decent decade anyway and what happens upon my doorstep? 'They' show up and meet the wrath of my daughter. They asked for us by names, which freaked Beth out, and wanted to welcome us back into the flock. Anyone else getting these loving sheparding calls eons too late?

    Beth glared a "Don't you know she's disfellowshipped"? To which these ever so loving people replied, "That's why we're here today - to find out if she'd like to come back" Well, Beth in tiny stature, tore a strip off them both in no uncertain terms. All these well edumacated people could respond was, "It's a beautiful day, don't you think"? Beth, frothing at the mouth now, raised her voice and said, "I don't care what kind of day it is so long as you people aren't at my doorstep"! ... and slammed the door. Well, there may have been an expletive or four, but will they get the message? Or do you think they'll be back to find 'me' ? Taking bets now......

    Now, I'm really proud of Beth, as she has held a quiet rage for the KH and it's followers since the days, and that HAD to be therapeutic for her. I wasn't home btw, hence her 'taking the door'. And since arriving at this site tonight - I had forgotten that it was Memorial time. I'm in the 'R's in the alphabet - are they doing this return to gather their dead thing alphabetically? Cos this is the first time they've done this to us. A decade goes by and after being shunned all this time, I'm supposed to desire to go back? What are they thinking, and what makes them decide to call on a certain individual? I never even went to a congregation in this area.

    Huge hugs to all I know here; I miss you - just been trying to survive another winter, which seems to be over. I'm not a winter person and I go on autopilot until the time changes again to give us more sunlight.

    Huge hellos to the incredible amount of new ones here!

    Simon - site is incredible

    Joy - you still have that Merlot?

    Mimilly aka Salem


    Mimilly, nice to see you again.

    I know you don't know me from Jack Squat, but I know you have posted awhile ago.

    It seems like there are many former Dubs receiving so-called 'shepherding calls'.

    You are oh-so-right, in regards to all the shunning and other unloving treatment you have been dealt over the years, that you'd find it downright bizarre and weird, that these elders would be on your

    Good for your loving daughter, to vent her frustrations on what she can truly see as hypocritical and ridiculous.

    Bizarre...glad you gave us a heads-up.

    I'm awaiting my call...(won't go into details) but I am wondering if they'll be on my doorstep before not too long.

    Wish Francois was living next door. It's more than I could truly psychologically bear.

    Best wishes Mimilly. (I became a JW down east as well, but in NB)

  • Angharad

    Hi Mimilly

    Welcome back

  • Gopher

    Mimilly !!

    You've been missed. You're so smart, so funny, well I'll stop it now and let you feel the flush come into your cheeks.

    Nice to have you back.

    -- JEFF

  • ozziepost
    Joy - you still have that Merlot?

    I've got plenty of shiraz, a whole cellar full! Will that do?

    G'day again, Mim

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • Vivamus

    Mim!!!!! *rushes over to Mim to give her a big hug and kiss*

    Missed you here sweetie, glad to see you again.

    Good for your Beth! Nicely done and I wish I could have seen the faces of the elders upon getting their noses hit by the door, lol. I haven't had the pleasure of them visiting me yet, but I'm looking forward to it *let them come, pleeeaaaze let them come so that I can give them a piece of what's on my mind*.

  • Matty

    Hey (((Mim)))! Is it against your religion to reply to PM's?

    Great to see you back on your 1st anniversary of being a poster here. It will soon be mine - what a difference a year make eh? I take it you're not returning to the fold in this holy week? Most poor dubs have to go to three meetings this week on consecutive evenings!

  • cruzanheart

    Whee!!! Great to hear from you again, Mimilly!!! Sounds like you're properly full of piss and vinegar and ready to take on the world with the help of your daughter. I hope I can meet both of you one day. Give her a high five and a hug from me, and save one for yourself.

    So far (and I think this is because of the letter I wrote regarding my dad's death) no elder has dared to darken my door. I either scared them off big time or they're regrouping and planning their next move.



  • Joyzabel


    so good to see ya, gal. Glad you have survived another winter.

    I miss you. Hope you are doing better. Please let us know or write me PM.



    ps, you know I'll always have a bottle of Merlot here just for you.

  • Mimilly

    Well gosh, and yes Ozzie, yer fine 'stuffs' will do perfectly. Hmmmm, Chiraz, never had it - I know - haven't lived until I do. You may actually get to meet my daughter Beth. Her and her bf are planning to move to Oz. No date set as yet.

    Nah, I'll skip the memorial .... I'd just cause a rucus, and heck, the store is right across the street and I'm far more interested in visiting there.

    I had to do a search to find this post. Things have changed alot since I was last here. Where do posts go?

    Oh my gosh! It is my one year anniversary, well sorta past, put I may make jedi at some point in my life. LOL.

    Big hugs to all of you. But please - tell me where the posts go..... I got lost.... sniff sniff..... (giggle)


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