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  • Matty

    If you click on your name on the top left of your post, and then click on "Posting History" you will then get all the posts that you've made – i.e. threads you have contributed to, both the ones you've started and the ones that you've replied to – it's not separate like it used to be.

    You only have to make 12 more posts to be a Jedi, so go for it hon!


  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    Hey Mimilly! Glad to hear from you.

  • Mimilly

    Hmmm... Matty, if I could figure out HOW to PM, I would hon ;) I miss ya tons. Joy - merlot would go down great right now. Tis flu season here and with all that SARS stuff (altho not in nova scotia - yet) I work in a huge call center; aka; germ factory. I foresee the day when we're all wearing masks while helping our fine American neighbors with their cellular probs. Yes, all you ATT Wireless users - some of the Customer care is actually in Canada...EH? Hugs..Salem

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