What Next? Syria?

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  • dubla
    Wake up people. Educate yourselves and stop being blinded by the war machine and the propaganda spoonfed daily in the media.

    i posted this on another thread, and this comment made me think i should repost it here........

    i now realize that everything coming from the mainstream media is one big lie, so i choose to believe nothing....and i mean nothing. i saw on the news last night where the amber alert system looks like its probably going to become law nationwide.....immediately i started wondering, what does bush have up his sleeve this time? for what nasty purpose is he going to exploit these poor missing children? its got to be some sort of conspiracy to rob me of my tax dollars, so i for one have already decided to avoid checking the alerts whenever i see them....im giving this government a big boycott on their newest scheme......and i suggest everyone else does the same.


  • ThiChi

    ""Does anyone else see the irony that the United States forms a Coalition to remove WMD from Iraq when it was the United States who suppled Iraq with weapons during the Iraq-Iran War of the 1980's? ""

    This is a straw man on many levels. In geopolitics, todays friend can become tomorrow’s enemy. History is replete with examples. You leave out the US was still reeling from the Iran Hostage situation. The issue is the US’s policy since 1991.

    The rationalization used here to continue this strained reasoning is amusing, yet still irreverent.

  • TorturedSoul

    Hope so...then lets get rid of France and then Germany..........

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell


    You are right on as I posted in an earlier post. The "the Project for the New American Century", which was authored by Wolfowitz in 1991 was seen at the time as a little too radical. It was later modified and used by the Bush administration in their new foreign policy. They knew that it would have been a hard sell to the American public. They felt they needed something like another Pearl Harbor to push their right wing, neo-Reagan, and neo-conservative agenda. Then along came 9/11, which the Bush administration hijacked for their own political agenda. I agree I don't think it is necessarily all Bush's ideas but being pushed by people like Rumsfeld, Cheney and Wolfowitz.


  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    I was watching a documentary on CBC the other day and they figure that Blair is finished politically anyway. The only thing is there is really no one in the Labor party that is ready to take the leadership. I could never figure out why a Liberal, left leaning, labor Prime Minister would get in bed with a right wing, neo-conservative President in the first place.


  • William Penwell
    William Penwell


    Well history has a habit of repeating itself. They have armed and aligned themselves with War Lords in Afghanistan that will eventually bit them in the butt. The war lords have already being accused of atrocities under the direction of the American's but it won't be long before they will turn on their masters, the Americans and then we will have to wage war on them.


  • ThiChi


    the only constant is slanted coverage, mistaken analysis, and the absence of any contriteness about being in error and in error in such a manner that reflected so poorly upon some here. It is as if only further bad news could serve as a sort of catharsis that might at least cleanse some here of any unease about being so wrong so predictably and so often......

    History? This fits some here like a glove:

    The battle of Arginusae in 406 B.C. After destroying a great part of the Peloponnesian fleet in the most dramatic Athenian naval victory of the war, the popular assembly abruptly voted to execute six of their eight successful generals (the other two wisely never came back to Athens) on charges that they had failed to rescue seamen who were clinging to the wreckage.

    The historian Xenophon records the feeding frenzy and shouting of the assembled throng. Forget that Sparta felt beaten and was ready for peace after such a catastrophic defeat; forget the brilliant seamanship and command of the Athenian triremes; forget that a ferocious storm had made retrieval of the dead and rescue of the missing sailors almost impossible; forget even that to try the generals collectively was contrary to Athenian law. Instead the people demanded perfection in addition to mere overwhelming success — and so in frustration devoured their own elected officials. The macabre incident was infamous in Greek history (the philosopher Socrates almost alone resisted the mob’s rule), a reminder how a society can go mad, turn on its benefactors, throw away a victory — and go on to lose the entire war.

    Something like that craziness often takes hold of our own elites and media in the midst of perhaps the most brilliantly executed plan in modern American military history. Rather than inquiring how an entire country was overrun in a little over three weeks at a cost of not more than a few hundred casualties, reporters (and others) instead wail at the televised scenes of a day of looting and lawlessness

  • Trauma_Hound
    He is a convicted drunken driver.
    This was not a secret.
    It was a secret, until 4 or 5 days before the election.
    His daughters are drug addicts and alcoholics.
    I would like some documentation of this. Were they in Betty Ford? Getting caught in a bar, under the age of 21, does not qualify as *alcoholic* nor as *drug addicted*. How many people on this board drank before the age of 21? I would guess many. How many got caught? I would guess many.
    I've also not seen anything about drugs, however, there have been 3 incidents for one daughter, and 1 for the other. Want to see pictures of they're fake ID's?
    I must add:
    I think Bill Clinton was the most stand up, honest, wife-loving, never faced a scandel kind of guy. A true leader for the century. None better.
    I mean oral sex is not really sex, right? But first we have to determine the true meaning of "is."
    I agree, he lost alot of credibility for lying about this, he was stupid for not telling the truth
    I am really disappointed that Al didn't win...just think, he invented the internet! What else could he invent?
    Sources? He never said that.
    Gore's words in a CNN interview, as quoted by Wired News, were as

    "During my service in the United States Congress, I took the
    initiative in creating the Internet."

    Gore meaning, obvious to anyone who knew the record, was that he did
    the political work and articulated the public vision that made the
    Internet possible. No reasonable person could conclude that Gore was
    claiming to have invented the Internet in any technical sense. The
    first half of his sentence makes this clear: he is talking about work
    he did in the context of his service in the Congress. The creation
    of the Internet was a process that had several phases and took several
    years, and Gore is claiming the principal credit for the political
    side of that effort. It is a substantial claim, but an accurate one.
  • Realist


    rumsfeld met with hussein in 1983...4 years after the hostage crisis...was the US still so confused at that point that didn'T know what they were doing?

  • teenyuck

    I've also not seen anything about drugs, however, there have been 3 incidents for one daughter, and 1 for the other. Want to see pictures of they're fake ID's?

    And this proves they are alcoholic? Everyone I knew in college drank. Drinking and college go hand in hand. Is it good? No. However, the vast majority of people do not turn into alcoholics.

    Anyone who lived on campus or in an apartment while away at college had the opportunity to drink. It is everywhere. Does it cause problems? Only when you are the Presidents daughter. When I got away from home, the first thing I did was go to a bar with my roommate. If you don't drink while in college you are the odd one out.

    What they did was stupid. No doubt. Could they be alcoholics? Possibly. However, they deserve the benefit of the doubt. And I don't care. They are not leading the country.

    Calling Bush's daughters names only casts a pall on the person doing it.

    They have nothing to do with his decisions and pointing out the failings of his daughters is pretty low and pretty sad.

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