Are you a different person now from when you were a JW?

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  • nowisee

    went to a high school reunion a few years back.... one of the nice-looking popular guys said he had always been so afraid to approach me in hs because of my religion - i seemed so devout (of course i did not participate in hs functions like prom, ec activities, etc. - and i preached to everyone) -- i would never have entertained the idea of a reunion then.

    this reunion was the most wonderful healing event for me. made so many new/old friends. i was able to dialogue with people about the person i had been and how they had reacted to me.

    yes, i am a different person. i am much more open, open-minded and accepting of others. i hope i have become more loving. i realize now that i don't have all the answers.

    i also think that at this point in time i have rejected the idea that females are second class citizens... it was an idea that i had bought hook line and sinker when i was younger in the wts. always beaten down by the men around me..... no more. -- believe me, this is major.

  • Eyebrow2

    I am different in the fact that think I am better at seeing others' point of view.

    I have a LOT less guilt, and have a better relationship with my siblings because I am not always trying to be a good witness example...I still try to be a good example, but am not constantly telling them that they are screwing up because they won't go to the meetings, or forcing my younger brothers to throw out there comic books because they are ooooooo DEMONIC or too violent....

    Hmmm....I was a JW Nazi MegaBitch!!!!

    Still a bitch when I have to be...but not caught in the perpetual, uptight, always feeling just not good enough, "just a woman" person that my local KH made me feel.


    OH YEAH!!

    I am way different than I was before (19-20 years ago).

    I am far more open-minded. I'm not so serious. I am probably more light-hearted and fun-loving now.

    But then again, I have had almost 20 years to do that.

    For some, it's a process that may take awhile.

    MUCH HAPPIERnowadays!

  • anti-absolutist

    I was raised a JW, so I never "got back to my old self".

    But my NEW self is a lot nicer than my FIRST self, as a JW.


  • GermanXJW

    I was also raised a JW. These days I am having some eMail contact from a JW couple we are befriended with and that respect my stand. They asked if I would attend the memorial and the discussion went rather emotional. But at last we settled the issue and yesterday he wrote that I had changed dramatically and he emphasized that this was not meant negatively.

    In my JW days I used to be a very judgemental person towards those who were not attending any more... :-(

  • obiwan

    Oh, heck yes! I used to be so humble and meek I used to get run over all the time...the human door mat, now shoot if you try to run me over I'm bringing out the steamroller and mowing all of them down! I'm much more assertive and I am the leader now, not the follower, I will question just about everything.

  • rocketman

    Well, I just made a detailed post that got wiped out.

    Good thread!

  • Tuesday

    Since I never super got into the whole witness mentality I'd like to say that I was always pretty "worldly" however now I don't have to sneek around just to do simple things that everyone takes for granted. I think now that I'm out I am much more honest with myself and others. I also think I'm alot smarter because I have time to think about things. Plus I think I'm a more relaxed person than I already was which is good because then I had a horrible temper and would snap at pretty much everything, now my snapping is reserved for old ladies driving in the high speed lane doing 20 mph.

  • Kjell Hedblom
    Kjell Hedblom


    I am feeling great being out for a year now and I`m aint going back..44 year in JW is more than enough!! No more pretending,No more fake Smiles and NO more Fieldservices.


  • Victorian sky
    Victorian sky

    Some aspects of my personality are the same. But in some ways I hardly recognize myself. I was raised a JW and contrary to what they say from the podium, just because a person leaves doensn't mean they'll go buck wild. But I am so thankful that I feel closer to God, I'm more caring, loving, much more tolerant of different beliefs. I was a judgemental, worry all the time, uptight, guilt 24/7 kind of person. Nothing I did was good enough so I've learned to be a lot kinder to myself and to others. I had to learn how to have fun & now I really enjoy life. My relatives say that I'm much happier and more involved with family gatherings. The JW family & 'friends' can't figure that out, 'cause if you leave the 'truth' you're supposed to miserable right? I don't think so! But more than anything, I'm much more compassionate than I ever was as an active JW. Gee, I wonder why?:) - Victorian Sky

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