Wierd KH property arrangement

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  • Evereeone

    waiting - it's official - you exist !

  • waiting

    Hey SS/Evereeone,

    Thanks for the vote of confidence. I know my outer core exists. "I am." My inner core is different - and not even I am sure I/it/they exist.

    A lot of DID persons are in the same situation. If our leg was cut off, we could see the ramification. However, even some who have amputated limbs can still feel them for quite a while.

    Well, where does dissociation/imagination/reality dissect in a person's mind? When can one tell the difference? Is the information/memory processed reliable? How can one tell? Thus, the professionals in this relm of memory processing, and even mind control, are trying to determine the validity of these concepts.

    The last I heard, the professionals still are in a quandry as to what to think of people like me. I'm just waiting for them to decide. Btw, DID persons have gotten quiet during the last half decade - guess a lot of us are just waiting around.

    still waiting

  • nonjwspouse

    I thought I'd bump this thread since this KH arrangement is now coming into the light, and what was happeneing 13 years ago....

  • prologos

    the wt TOO interested in real estate? can not be, because :

    "The meek will inherit the earth"

    the meek=the anointed, --as represented by the GB, GB heading WBTtS.

    therefore the "society" must manage the earth(real estate)

    if we will not inherit it (armageddon seems to be always "later than we/you think"),

    lets buy it, flip it.

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