A real scam, Sam Goody sold my credit card number.

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  • SheilaM

    Princess: Yes this happens all the time. I worked for Citibank for over 5 years and that is why they came out with a privacy policy because people are worried about this exact thing. You can contact the attorney general and also let Sam Goody know you want off any and all marketing lists. Even Citibank has internal sells and a person can block that. IF Sam Goody doesn't not comply the Attorney General will want to know

  • Princess

    It just makes me so damn mad. Do you realize the time involved in pursuing this? I want to go after Sam Goody and let them have it but it will mean loads of phone calls and endless voice mails before it's over. I will do something but in the meantime...


    Princess: I'm with you.

    Sounds rather fishy and terribly annoying.

    Where else, and what else have they done with your personal information?

    Anyways, get on top of this before they try to scam more of your hard earned $.

    Good Luck, and keep us posted, will you? Thanks!

  • joannadandy

    Umm...I don't work at Sam Goody, but I work at a sister store here in Minnesota, I just started...and we offer the same Entertainment Weekly deal...but we have to ask people if they want it, and you would have to fill out all the name and mailing address...are you sure your husband didn't just forget that he signed up for it?

    It's really not a big deal. You just call the number, or website, you don't talk to anyone and you just cancel it...A store itself cannot get your mailing address just from your credit card number...like the store I used to work at, if we had someone who skipped out on a bill, we couldn't call the credit card company and get their address to mail them nasty letters, our bank dealt with their bank, and workked through the creditors...if it is something this store in your neighborhood is doing, then you should for sure go after them. (Because they/and so do we, I assume it's the same deal) get a kick back from Entertainment Weekly for doing this...it's pure profit for us, thus the hardcore sell...I wouldn't be surprised if some employee or manager was short on numbers and signed a few people up. It just don't know how they did it just based on your credit card number...but anything is possible.

  • Princess

    You are right Joanna. I just asked Steve if he filled anything out at Sam Goody and he said he did. It was presented to him as something free and he never authorized giving them our credit card number. He said they were very vague about it and there was nothing on the card that asked for a credit card number or said they were going to automatically charge one if we didn't cancel the trial subscription first.

    I still think this is very wrong and extremely misleading.

  • LDH


    The rule from the USPS is, if you didn't solicit something, you are entitled to keep it for FREE.

    Simply call the toll-free number and tell them they are welcome to continue sending you complimentary issues, but if they attempt to bill you without proof that you authorized such a charge, you will look forward to seeing them in small claims court.

    Just because someone 'bills' you for something doesn't mean you are legally responsible to pay for it.

    Also, I would take the time to write Sam Goody a blistering letter. They may send you a gift card for your troubles.


  • joannadandy
    He said they were very vague about it and there was nothing on the card that asked for a credit card number or said they were going to automatically charge one if we didn't cancel the trial subscription first.

    Then that was a crappy sales job on their part...the schpeil is supposed to be, "Since you are paying with your credit card today you can get, blah blah blah, and if you want to keep it, it will be billed to your credit card, if not you can cancel it...blah blah"

    I agree with LDH....if you feel it was done in a sneaky way...right them a letter.

  • Sapphire54

    I recommend contacting the State Attorney General's Office, Consumer Affairs department: http://www.wa.gov/ago/consumer/. AND I would file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, (206) 488-3222. AND I would go back to Sam Goody and speak with the store manager (unless it's some mindless 18-year old running the store), tell him your story and tell him that you're filing complaints with both the Attorney General's office and the BBB.

  • asortafairytale

    We just went to Sam Goody on Sunday...they said they were offering those 8 free issues of Entertainment Weekly, if we wanted it. We had to fill out a small form with name and addy, though.

    Like Joanna said, are you sure he didn't do that?

  • Xandria

    Check out the CPI Customer Personal Information Laws, a bank here sold credit card information to another bank for profit. They got sued 10 million dollars due to the violation of the customer's rights. We should have the right to know who is accessing our information and those we entrust it to, should be protecting it. Not selling it for profits. If so they must inform you or have some sort of disclaimer.

    It also would fall under the fair debt and credit practices. In some states there are laws protecting the consumer from this very thing.

    Look up Consumer Law, FDCP, and Credit Card Laws.

    I know working in collections some, we had strict laws we must adhere too or we could face fines and suits.

    Good Luck,


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